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PLEASE help me with my History!! 5 questions.10points!!!!?

Read the following passage from Common Sense:

"The period of debate is closed. Arms as the last resource decide the contest . . . Every thing that is right or natural pleads for separation. The blood of the slain, the weeping voice of nature cries, 'TIS TIME TO PART."

-- Common Sense, 1776

1. What does Thomas Paine mean when he writes, "Arms as the last resource decide the contest"? (1 point)

Whichever side has more weapons will win the coming war.

To resolve the situation with the British, it will eventually be necessary to fight.

It will be necessary for the Patriots to obtain guns.

The British are not listening to the colonists.

2. As a result of the French and Indian War, (1 point)

Native Americans gained control of the Great Lakes region.

Britain lost control of lands east of the Mississippi River.

France turned Canada over to Britain.

France gained control of Florida.

3. The Sugar and Stamp Acts are examples of how the (1 point)

British continued to leave the colonies alone.

British tried to raise money in the colonies.

colonists eagerly sacrificed to pay their war debts.

British tried to stimulate colonial economies.

4. American victory in the Revolutionary War led to (1 point)

legal rights for women.

the abolition of slavery.

a stronger Iroquois League.

the spread of the idea of liberty.

5. The First Continental Congress voted to (1 point)

end the boycott of imports from Britain.

call for the formation of colonial militias.

imprison all British tax collectors.

adopt the Declaration of Independence

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    Just do it yourself

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    At some point, you will be tested on this. Read your book and do it yourself.

    You have to wait at least two hours before you can pick a best answer, and these kinds of questions rarely get real answers. If you spent that 2-3 hours studying, you could figure this out on your own. You could figure it out in less time if you just sat down and worked.

  • Do your own homework... but i know it sucks i hate history and i am terrible at it and im in an AP class. woohoo.

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