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The USSR is like the soviet union. I'm soooo confused!!?

i have a homework sheet that asks for the present leader of the USSR. But i thought that the USSR like got ended after WWII and just became the Russian federation!! i am sooooo confused now i don't get it anymore! the homework's for Tuesday so i don't know what I'm going to do...


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    USSR was a communist state and ruled by dictators

    then the cold war ended about 20 years ago and it is now Russia.

    so i would put Dmitry Medvedev as he is the current leader.

    the text book must be real old

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  • The USSR and Soviet union were the same thing, in 1991 it collapsed into 15 countries.

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    What kind of crap is this? The Soviet Union (USSR stands for United Soviet Socialist Republics) ceased to exist after 1991, when their economy collapsed. Not after World War II. But for the most part, you are right. The USSR does not exist anymore (because they're godless Commies), but the Russian Federation does, and so do all of the former republics. If they are asking for the current leader of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev is the current president of Russia. But if they're talking about the last leader of the USSR that was Mikhail Gorbachev. If I were you, I would just write it on the homework as Dmitry Medvedev, and if the teacher has a problem with it, tell them everything I told you.

    I say write it on Medvedev because when people refer to the USSR, they're generally talking about Russia.

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    The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was around from 1917 through about 1989 when it was dissolved. After 1989, it became the "Russian Federation", which is simply called, "Russia". Their current president is Dmitry Medvedev who replaced Vladimir Putin. Putin is now the Prime Minister.

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    Lol god i'm always surprised at how people are ignorant. Um well okay the USSR IS THE SOVIET UNION. Which doesn't exist anymore. Not since 1991 (when it disappeared)! So in 1991 USSR dislocated and all the republics became independant countries, such as Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belorus, etc etc. Go on wikipedia.

  • The USSR was the soviet union before the cold war. Now it's Russia

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    USSR=union of socialist soviet republics= Russia + a few neighbour countries.

    USSR ended in the early nineties when every country went its separate way.

    Comunism ended as well, so they were not soviet anymore either.

    try looking it up on wikipedia.

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    in the journey that your instructor gave you a query that asks who's the present chief of the U.S. then your instructor is likewise perplexed because of the fact the U.S. dissolved in 1991 and became replaced by skill of the Russian Federation in 1993. the present President of the Russian Federation is Dmitry Medvedev.

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    um..put the president of Russia then? BTW the Soviet Union only collapsed like 18 years ago, not at the end of WWII....

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    ussr- united soviet states of russia

    the ussr is the soviet union.

    since communism ended in russia in 1990 it became the russian federation...


    • USSR-Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it was made up of 15 countries, now they are all independent.

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