anyone a photojournalist? what do you do? What's the job market like right now?

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    Until recently, I was a photojournalist for 16 years. It has never been an easy job to get. There is a LOT of competition. This is especially true for white male photographers who occupy, by far, the vast majority of positions. It's a bit easier for women and minorities as many newspaper groups, at least in the U.S., put an emphasis on diversifying their photo staffs, and rightfully so.

    Most newspaper photojournalists are general assignment shooters. News, sports, features, portraits, illustrations, photo essays, etc. They do it all. The larger papers may have a photographer, or two, who specialize in something like sports, but those are a rarity.

    In general, newspapers are having a rough go of it, especially the past year as ad revenues have dropped. Many have either decreased staff or implemented a hiring freeze. However, there are jobs out there. Not a lot, but they do exist.

    If you're serious and live in the U.S., become a student member of the National Press Photographer's Association (NPPA).

    Most countries have similar organizations which offer seminars, contests, tips and tricks, and very importantly, job listings.

    When/if you start looking for a job, they're going to expect you to be able to start shooting right away. There is no room for inexperienced applicants. You'll be required to show a portfolio (most today are digital) of approximately 20 images that showcase your skills in all aspects of photojournalism. The most important are: features, sports, news; but portraits and photo stories are also vital. That's a lot to show in 20 images, but it can be done.

    That means you'll need experience before you even begin. Work at the college newspaper or find a part time job at a local weekly. Also, internships are a great experience to have and are fairly easy to find. Some young photojournalist students have worked at 4, 5 or even 6.

    Remember, it's tough right now (really, it was never easy) but there are jobs available for those that are talented enough and aggressive enough to go after them.

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    anyone a photojournalist? what do you do? What's the job market like right now?

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