The meaning of ”awarded” in Mathematics and opposites?快!

What is the meaning of the following word in Mathematics and their opposites??

Not only "awarded"......




Who can tell me??T^T快快快!

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    If you check the Yahoo! Dictionary, you will find that the meaning of awarded is 授予,給予[O1]

    So, it can mean plus or addition in Mathematics


    In Mathematics, backward is usually used in graph or number line.

    Such as, the Triangle ABC is moved backward for 3 units, that means the coordinates of A,B,C will be moved to the negative area for 3 more units.

    Such as, the number on the number line will be moved 1unit backward, that means the sign of the number on the number line will be moved to negative side for 1 unit.


    In Mathematics, this word can be explained as we delete the data or the value.

    Sometimes, the question may ask what is the value change or some answer calculated change when some data or value is withdrawal.

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    awarded opp. = > minus, reduction, reduce

    backward opp. => forward ="=

    withdrawal opp. => added

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