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1. The patient was placed in supine position. The skin was sterilized with alcoholic Betadine and 0.5% Hibitane solution.2. A standard median sternotomy was made. 3. After heparinization, aortic A-line and bicaval V-line were set up and connected with heart-lung machine.4. The heart was arrested by antegrade blood cardioplegia. 5. The heart was decompressed by right atriotomy.6. The VSD was exposed and identified under tricuspid valve retraction.This VSD was closed with equine pericardial patch. The patch was fixed with 5-0 Prolene running suture.7. The ASD was identified. An equine pericardial patch was used for ASD closure. The right atriotomy was closed.8. A longitudinal pulmonary arteriotomy was done. The pulmonary valvulotomy was performed. The RVOT was opened by muscle resection. An equine paericardial patch was used for the augmentation of RVOT and pulmonary artery.9. The heart rhythm recovered after rewarming and aortic clamp off. No defibrillation was used.10. Intra-cardiac and pulmonary venous air bubble was aspired via aortic root venting catheter.11. The patient came off CPB under strong inotropes support. After protamine reversal and meticulous hemostasis, two chest tubes and one CWV were inserted. 12. The wound was closed in layers.

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    1. 患者被安置了在仰位置。皮膚被消炎了與酒精Betadine 和0.5% Hibitane solution.2 。一標準中間sternotomy 被做了。3 。在heparinization 以後, 大動脈線和bicaval V 線用心肺的machine.4 被設定了和使有關係。心臟由antegrade 血液心痲痺拘捕了。5 。心臟由正確的atriotomy.6 解壓了。VSD 被暴露了並且辨認在tricuspid 閥門retraction.This 之下VSD 被關閉了與馬pericardial 補釘。補釘被固定了與5-0 Prolene 跑suture.7 。ASD 被辨認了。一個馬pericardial 補釘被使用了為ASD 關閉。正確atriotomy 是closed.8 。一縱向肺arteriotomy 做了。肺valvulotomy

    執行了。RVOT 被肌肉切除術打開了。一個馬paericardial 補釘被使用了為RVOT 和肺artery.9 的增廣。心臟節奏恢復了在再加熱和大動脈鉗位以後。defibrillation 不是used.10 。心臟內和肺多血脈性的氣泡嚮往通過大動脈根通風口catheter.11

    。患者結束CPB 在強的inotropes 支持之下。在魚精朊逆轉和縝密hemostasis 以後, 二支胸口管和一CWV 被插入了。12 。創傷被關閉了在層數。



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