How to make money blogging? ?

I'm 14 and I would like to make money on-line by blogging. However, I need help. Is this a good idea to make money? Also, I need ideas on where I could do it at. I already have an idea what I'm going to blog about (its based off a hobby of mine), I just need a good LEGITIMATE website to do so. PLZ HELP!!!

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    If you do it right you will definitely make more money than you can think. You can start with Blogger@Blogspot because it has many features, lot of help pages and it's free.

    Of course you need to turn your ideas into a niche product first (like a report, a how-to guide, or anything that will solve other people's problems).

    Then create a landing page or opt-in page and do some marketing in there. Make a video series of your product and motivate viewers to visit your landing page. Don't forget to leave your link and keywords in it and put it in YouTube. Get involve in related forums and leave your signature there.

    Go to or to sign up for your landing page.

    Then blog about things related to your product and bring your visitors to your landing page. Post your blog in Digg or Technorati and make lot of friends.

    Give them something free in exchange (a free report, a free guide, a free collection, etc) because this will give a lasting impression on you.

    When you start seeing some cash pouring in you might want to consider getting your own domain name as a long term investment.

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