How long did it take you to accept you were gay?

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    My whole life really I guess. Because when I was really little, I remember Titanic had just come out in theaters, and all my friends were crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio, and I kept thinking 'what's so special about him, I don't get it...and why isn't any one talking about the girl...?' I remember kate was my favorite person in that movie, and none of my friends had mentioned her and I realized I was very different from my friends but I didn't really understand what was different about me at that time. Later on in life, I figured I was just a tomboy, because all my friends would talk about their boy crushes and their wardrobe and makeup and who they wanted to take them to the school dance and I was sitting there like "wtf?" Then in my freshman year of highschool, I fell hard for a girl in my study hall, who ended up pregnant and engaged (she was two years older), I eventually got over her, and I figured it was just a phase, until I fell for my soccer coach (who was three years older than me), and that lasted a year, the unrequited love I mean, and that's when I realized I was gay. I didn't come out as a lesbian until just recently. So from the time of realization to now, I would say about a year, but really, if we want to be completely honest and accurate, my whole life. If you think about it, life is just one big learning process and the biggest thing we really learn about and learn to understand is ourselves.

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    About 1 year

  • Alex H
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    I would say about 14 years.

    Honestly it was about the time I turned 14 years old that I finally accepted that I was gay. I've ALWAYS been attracted to other guys but until I turned 14, I kept hoping that it was a phase or that I would magically change.

    But deep down I knew that this is the way I am and always will be. So, at that point, I decided that I could either be miserable and hide in the closet and marry a woman etc. or I could just say f*ck it and be myself and find others like me. So I said f*ck it and started to change.

    I think every LGBT person goes through this phase. And only because we've been hammered with the idea that being gay is wrong and disgusting and a moral abomination.

  • It didn't take long for me...I remember when I saw this video and two girls were kissing and I was like, oh that looks nice. Until that point, I'd never even thought about anything like that. But from then on, I knew I liked girls. I actually turned out to be bi. I kinda grew up not knowing what gay was, and had the attitude that everyone was "up for grabs". I was actually pleased when I grew up a little and realized what it really meant to be bi, and that it wasn't what most people considered normal. I've had not a single issue with it, I would hate my life if I was "normal" and straight, honest and true.

    ps. I think it was way easy for me because I supported the whole gay cause before I even realized I had a little fruit in me, which made it that much greater! Now I was more a part of the cause I wanted to fight was strange

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  • 1 decade ago

    about 3 or 4 years

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    5 years

  • 1 decade ago

    Wehn I was 10 I finally had the guts to admit it to myself but when I told my mom she freaked out and said it was a phase (of course). It wasn't until I was 14 years old that I came out. So about 4 years to accept the fact that I was gay. It was really hard too...I was a dancer at the time and I was around all thes e gay guys that were like "You are such a lesbian just come out!" but my mom and other people had scared me so far into the closet that even the most flaming of gay guys could not pull me out haha

  • 5 years ago

    Not every individual Mormon hates Gays. I'm Mormon, I've been Mormon my whole life, and my best friend who I've known since kindergarten, who was also raised a Mormon, is Gay, and you know what I told him? That I wanted him to be happy, and to do whatever makes him happy, not what makes his family happy, not what makes the Mormon church happy, what makes HIM happy. Personally I believe that God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, but I also believe that NO ONE is in charge of who you love. NO ONE has the right to say you can't be with someone. You know what I see when I watch the news and see all the Gay people in UT flocking to the clerks office to get marriage licenses? Two people, that genuinely love each other and desperately want to be together. The rest of my family on the other hand, hates gays, when that pops up on the news they change the channel, but on Sunday they go to church and preach about how we should love each other, not judge each other, forgive everyone, etc etc etc. But as soon as they walk out of that church building they go home, and they judge and they hate, and they descriminate, and it's ridiculous. The Church is true, but the people aint. If the church wasn't true the 18 and 19 year old missionaries would have ruined it by now.

  • Shaken
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    1 decade ago

    about 4 years

  • 1 decade ago

    I have known since I was 13, accepted it at 19 and came out at 20

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    1 decade ago

    It only took about a week but it was a long painful week. I thought it through and decided that I'm gay and there's nothing that can change that. And 5 years later I actually love being gay.

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