nair vs shaving??help?

i have been using nair for about 3 yrs. i rly dont like it because it takes me a logn time and it doesnt rly work half the time. i also dont like waiting for the hair tp get long before i can nair again. my mom doesnt let me shave cas she says it messes up ur legs. how can i convince her?

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    well, she's right. nair messes up your legs, too. although shaving is pretty good for sensitvie skin. waxing is a great way to remove hair, but it's a little painful. epilation is good, too but also painful. shaving is quick, but you have to do it about every week or 5 days. its a little cheaper than nair, if you get the shick intuition or any other razor that doesn't need shaving cream. good luck :D

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    It doesn't mess up your legs. =) Well, not permanently, you still have to watch out for razor burn and cuts. To avoid that, use a good shaving cream, change your razors before they dull out, and shave in the shower to soften the hairs first (just make sure to clean the tub afterwards. Ewww.)

    Cost and time-wise, shaving is a better option. Just let your mom know that most girls shave their legs and it's pretty harmless. Also that you know how to do it correctly, and honestly, that you're tired of using Nair anyway.

  • teena9
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    I don't like Nair either. It always takes a layer of skin off and leaves the hair.

    The only way to convince your mom to let you shave is to show her that Nair is harmful to you.

    Fake a rash or something. Otherwise, if she is stubborn in this belief you can either respect her wishes or shave behind her back!

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    I say keep the depliatory route and switch over to Veet Rasera gel cream..Highly effective and no harsh smell.

    Shaving isn't terrible, but you risk nicks/cuts which can lead to infection(rare, but happens). Hair grows back within a couple of days and if you don't shave properly hair grows back in wild directions. For quick removal for an unexpected event, shave with a good cream/gel. I like Avenno's shave gel. Skintimate is great also and has a variety of scents to choose from. Invest in a good razor. When blade gets dull, toss it OUT! Shave in a downward motion..It doesnt remove ALL of the hairs this way but hair gows back more evenly.

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    How does shaving mess up your legs lolz??Umm Yeah the Nair really does take forever in three days....try to convince your mom to get you the Schick Intuition....It has moisture bars around the blades so it's impossible to nick your legs.And you don't need shaving cream :)

  • how old are you? well nair smells bad and can irritate your skin. plus, it takes forever. does she expect you to use nair on your underarms too? I mean shaving takes practice, but you wont ruin your legs. if she doesnt let you, then have a friend buy you a razor. because if she lefts you use nair, then obviously you're old enough to shave.

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    ok thats weird that she doesnt let you shave tell her mom what if there wasnt any such thing as nair or removal of haior without shaving llol

    or just talk to her say mom it sucks blah blah blah idkl just try something or just buy your own shavers hide them in your room and when you take a shower shave your legs without her knowing just dont cut yourself on ur leg while doing that lol

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    Nair smells really nasty, and it gives my legs these little red bumps half the time. When you shave it's so much cleaner, and easier. It only harms your skin if you're not careful. Tell her that.

  • Karen
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    ok shaving doesnt mess up your legs. most women do it and i havent heard any comments about leg problems. just tell her that she is being unreasonable and it is a common thing to do.

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    Doesnt your mother shave? Just do it.

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