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My friend can't get the green card, he's been in USA for 8 years(read details)?

My neighbor is from El Salvador a really cool guy, he's been living in the united states for 8 years, he pays taxes he pays his bills has no criminal record no bankrupcy blah blah, i guess he got work permit and he can stay in the united states for as long as he wants, he should've been able to apply for a green card after one year, he's been here for 8 years and they always keep on delaying it they tell him 45 days and it took years, what can i do to help him? he speaks english but his english is not the english he can use in courts and law, hard for him to understand, and i really want to help him, cause hell he's doing much better than lots of US citizens who are living off the government and not paying taxes, he loves this country.

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    A number of Salvadorans got Temporary Protected Status (TPS) following an earthquake there. Since this is a temporary visa, and they must return to their own country, there is no way they can get green cards or any change of status. That is strictly prohibited under the terms of TPS. In fact, some people on TPS have not returned home as required when TPS expired, and are therefore illegal aliens.

    Don't be too sure he is legally present. Most of those who got TPS were illegal aliens at the time of the quake and only got TPS as a temporary stay of deportation -- didn't want to deport them at a time when there were so many homeless and so much damage to the infrastructure from the quake. I would not believe everything this guy tells you. And however he got TPS, if that's what he has, he must return to his own country. Anybody who cannot get a green card is not legally here on an immigration class of visa; they are on a temporary visa or here illegally.

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    I think that he should talk to a good immigration lawyer and ask the lawyer to work on his behalf. Go to the reference desk at the library and tell them that you're searching for an attorney, and ask them to assist you. There are some attorneys, and unfortunately some crummy ones... make sure that you get the best. :-)

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    Apparently Kochkody is not understanding what he’s reading. Mark does not indicate that this friend of his is a U.S. Citizen. Please make sure you comprehend what you read prior to answering questions.

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