Alice Books by Phyllis Reynolds Taylor??? list?

I read a few alice books of the Alice series, but i cant remember which books i have read.

Can someone give me a list of all the Alice books?

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    The Agony of Alice (September 1, 1985) - 6th Grade (Alice moves to Silver Spring and struggles to make friends in her new school.)

    Alice in Rapture, Sort of (March 31, 1989) - Summer before 7th Grade (Alice, Pamela, and Elizabeth all get boyfriends.)

    Reluctantly Alice (March 30, 1991) - Fall of 7th Grade (Alice tries to survive seventh grade and she deals with Denise Whitlock, the school bully.)

    All but Alice (April 30, 1992) - Winter of 7th Grade

    Alice in April (April 30, 1993) - Spring of 7th Grade (Alice tries to become Woman of the House, like Aunt Sally says she is becoming.)

    Alice In-Between (March 1, 1994) - End of 7th Grade (Alice, Pamela, and Elizabeth get to take a trip to see Aunt Sally.)

    Alice the Brave (May 1, 1995) - Summer before 8th Grade (Alice is afraid her friends will notice her fear of deep water.)

    Alice in Lace (March 1, 1996) - Beginning of 8th Grade (Alice and Patrick pretend to be married as part of a school project.)

    Outrageously Alice (May 1, 1997) - Fall of 8th Grade (Alice is tired of the monotony of life.)

    Achingly Alice (June 1, 1998) - Winter of 8th Grade

    Alice on the Outside (June 1, 1999) - Spring of 8th Grade (Alice explores the idea of prejudice.)

    The Grooming of Alice (May 1, 2000) - Summer before 9th Grade (Alice, Pamela, and Elizabeth try to make themselves beautiful for ninth grade.)

    Alice Alone (May 1, 2001) - First semester of 9th Grade (Alice struggles with the idea of being single and the thought that Patrick likes another girl, Penny.)

    Simply Alice (May 1, 2002) - Second semester of 9th Grade (Pamela and Elizabeth feel left out in Alice's life because Alice is always busy with high school stuff.)

    Patiently Alice (May 1, 2003) - Summer before 10th Grade (Alice, Pamela, Elizabeth, and Gwen volunteer to be counselors together at a camp for troubled kids.)

    Including Alice (May 1, 2004) - First semester of 10th Grade (Alice contemplates the value of social customs.)

    Alice on Her Way (June 1, 2005) - Second semester of 10th Grade (Alice struggles to get a driver's license.)

    Alice in the Know (June 1, 2006) - Summer before 11th Grade (Alice gets a part-time job at the mall.)

    Dangerously Alice (May 8, 2007) - First semester of 11th Grade (Alice tries to shed her "good girl" image by taking risks and becoming involved with an older boy.)

    Almost Alice (June 17, 2008) - Second semester of 11th Grade (Alice and Patrick get back together)

    Alice Undecided (May 2009) - Presumably the summer before 12th grade (Naylor announced the title on her website).

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