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how long does it take for a tongue piercing to close up?

i am starting a new trade school and i can not were my tongue ring how long until it will close what can i do?


i was told i could get a spacer to put in the whole how much are those and were can i get them from?

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    How long your piercing takes to close varies. Some people's piercing begin to close almost immediately. Others will stay open for years at a time.

    As a body piercing apprentice I have seen people come into our shop after having a tongue ring fall out while they were asleep and need to have the piercing tapered back open it had closed so quickly and tightly. On the other end of the spectrum we had a woman come in because she had taken her tongue piercing out 2 years before and she wanted it re-pierced. We discovered she still had her piercing, it was completely open and just needed a little stretching to fit jewelry back in.

    The lesson is: No one knows what your tonge is going to do. The only way to know is to take it out and see.

    So you have two options you can hang out at home one day, take your tongue ring out, and try putting it back in every few hours. If it slips back in after 2 hours being out, try 4. If that works, try 6, etc. You can even leave the piercing out overnight if you want to test it. Or if you're not a risk taker or just don't have all day to mess with your tongue ring, then you can buy a retainer.

    Retainers can be found at most tattoo shops, many mall stores, and online retailers. There are different styles available as well as varying qualities. To get a good look at your options, visit the tattoo shop or stop by the mall and see. You could also look into getting clear balls for your regular tongue barbell. Since you have to wear the retainer so often, you need to buy one that can stand up to wear and tear or you will be buying a new one every week.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    it closes in a matter of hours!! As your tongue is a muscle it heals really quickly!! Get used to a long bar - or go to a piercing studio and ask them for one that is more suited to you!! If you are worried about your piercing for things like interviews etc - where you do not really want it to be obviously noticed - get a clear ball - no one will be the wiser, unless they look into your mouth or you stick your tongue out!!! Good luck

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    Tongue Close Up

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    This Site Might Help You.


    how long does it take for a tongue piercing to close up?

    i am starting a new trade school and i can not were my tongue ring how long until it will close what can i do?

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    It really just depends on the person, I took my tongue ring out in 2010 when I entered the military. Here it is 2016 almost 2017 and though I have not worn a post or anything in my tongue since 2010 the hole is still there. About once maybe twice a year I check to see if the hole is still there. An every time, it always is.

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    Tongue Piercing Hole

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    I've had my piercing for about twelve years and last night I took it out as I slept. I forgot to put it in before work and when I finally got home for the night tried putting it back in. It had tightened up in the middle. I was able to insert my jewelry from the top and bottom but not get to the middle. I wiggled it around for a bit slowly and thankfully went back in. It's surprising how fast it heals back up.

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    It depends on how long you have had it. I had a 10 guage done along time ago. I had it in for 6 years, I haven't had it in in 4 and the hole is still there.

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    I know forsure it takes longer then a whole 24 hours to close up .

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