Dual citizenship?????????????????????????

My wife's father's mother was a Canadian citizen, he was born in the U.S. Wife says that gave him dual citizenship. Does it? If so, does it also give her dual citizenship? And, if so, does it give it to me?

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    Her father might have had Canadian citizenship or he might have lost it due to never living there. If he wants to know, he should contact the Canadian embassy.

    For her, it depends on if he was a citizen when she was born, then she probably is too, however, if she already turned 28 and never took steps to retain her citizenship, she would already have lost it. If she didn't turn 28 yet, she still would have time to find out what she will have to do to retain it. There are certain rules for the 2nd generation of Canadian citizens born overseas, see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizenship/retain.as... There are also new citizenship rules coming out, see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizenship/rules-cit... so if the dad lost his citizenship because he didn't do anything to keep it, he might then get it back but that would not give it to her.

    As for you, no, you don't get citizenship for getting married. If she is a citizen, she can sponsor you for permanent residency and you can move there and live there for 3 years and then you can apply for citizenship.

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