What are the duties of a Customer Service Associate in the dry cleaning business?

I would like to apply for a job at Deluxe Cleaners as a Customer Service Associate. I would like to know from someone that is familiar with the dry cleaning business what the duties are, what their experience was like and anything else that can help when I apply. I don't have current dry cleaning experience but I do have plenty of customer service background. Thanks


I would also like to know if there is any actual dry cleaning involved for the associate themselves?? thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i worked at a dry cleaner's 10 yrs ago and loved it. i was basically a cashier, but i took in clothes (bundled some up with string and threw them in a pile to go to the main place where they were dry cleaned and stuck tags on some and hung them up) and then searched for the clothes on the rack when they came back to pick them up. i hope that helped.

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    4 years ago

    huh? You constitute the corporation you're employed for and whilst that individual calls you and yells they're yelling due to the fact that of a main issue "you" need to take critically and resolve. If you get all tied up in considering he is yelling at then you your point of view is all unsuitable. No geezes allowed. Solve the main issue just like the reliable you're (or intended to be). No, I'm now not imply to telemarketers due to the fact that I understand they've a script and cannot fairly reply my questions. If a CSR feels such as you do and cannot or does not even attempt to resolve a main issue, sighs loudly or anything I call for their manager and advocate they be fired. If you're simply an "in-among receptionist variety individual" then inform them that, and that you would be completely happy to switch them to the proper division. Yeah, I bumped into that too, the electrical corporation isn't folks orientated, a minimum of now not right here. When I bought into my rental they desired me to pay three months valued at of electrical use as a deposit but claimed it used to be just one month. I needed to fuss with them and feature them seem up a long time of earlier provider and well cost historical past earlier than they might relent. Yeah, all they desire is cash and they do not fairly care how they get it, although they lie and trick folks.

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