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How do i stop stuttering?

What causes a person to stutter and do i stop stuttering?

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    Wow i just watched a show about this today on mtv. Try to go to a speech therapist and they will tell you to be open with it which will make you less nervous, tense, and under stress. Also sometimes saying riddles/alliteration all the time will help you better with you pronounciation.

    Good luck :DD

  • Linus
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    A person's abnormal condition, like stuttering, can be due to inadequate physical development or psychological.

    A speech expert can diagnose which one. If it is physical, then science has a solution for it. Stuttering is not a new disease or condition. It has been with the modern man for as long as he lives.

    If it is psychological, a psychiatrist can conduct test, like hypnotism, or evaluate the person's past and present situation and environment that is causing this nervous manifestation. When the cause is determined, the solution can be made.

    And the person can manage his behaviour to consciously check himself from stuttering. The message is consult the proper specialist for this condition.

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    I know that when I severely stressed out I start stuttering and I have to calm down enough to be able to stop. Normally it's not a big deal, every once in awhile I can feel it trying to start but if I stop and take a deep breathe I can usually cut it off. Just take your time and if the people around you get annoyed try not to let it bother you because it's only going to make it harder. Easier said than done I know.

    Your other optition would be to talk to a speech pathologist.

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    I saw on the tv that there was a stop-stuttering programme and they were teaching people how to take a deep breath and then begin talking, slowly releasing the breath while you do. There is a website on the internet about various speech therapy methods, why not google it?

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    i'm not really sure what causes stuttering but my son used to stutter really bad when he was younger. what he was taught to do was to try and find another word if he found himself stuttering on a word. they called it going around. he was also taught to sing the word. for some reason stutterers do not stutter when they sing. also alot of stutters stutter if they think about it when they go to talk. in other words the person thinks to him/herself that when i have something to say i'm going to stutter so they do. tthink about what you say but not how you are going to say it. that can sometimes help some stutterers. many blessings to you and the best of luck.

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    I am not an expert on this subject but I have provided a link to

    what causes stuttering and how to get over it.

    Hope it works. A lot of people, even actors, deal with this problem.


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    i was shy and that is why I stuttered. i was literally afraid to talk. once in a while i still stutter. your mind works faster than your mouth, that's all.

    you have to slow down and key in on which letters or which words start your stuttering every time.

    my ex went to a speech school and they taught him to be conscious of his stuttering and learn new words that he would substitute when the 'stutter' words came up. like if S's make you stutter and you are trying to say 'sausage' learn to quickly switch to another consonant and say 'pork links'

    train your mind to switch words immediately when one comes up that makes you stutter..learn that when you stutter you have to slow down and think "what is a different word i can quickly say here to describe thw word i am stuck on?"

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    I saw this guy on t.v. wearing a device where he can hear himself speak. The sound of his voice helped him to stop stuttering. Sorry if I am vague, I saw that show a year ago...

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    When I was young I would stutter too. My parents to me to speach therapy where they did excersies to help me stop. The same thing may help u.

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    If youve seen the notebook, the main guy stops studdering by reading a book every night, just a chapter or two every day.

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