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Hormone release regulation?

Can someone explain how hormone release is regulated?

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    Depends on the hormone. Many hormones are released when another hormone of some other type acts as a messenger and causes hormones to be released. Neurotransmitters can also play into the release of hormones as well.

    As for the regulation of hormones, there exists such things called feedback loops, which can be negative or positive. In a positive feedback loop, the effects of the secreted hormone causes more of the hormone to be secreted, whether by direct effect or by another hormone messenger. In a negative feedback loop, the effects of the hormone causes the hormone release to either stop or diminish.

    The female cycle exhibits both of these. In a negative feedback loop, the pituitary secretes a gland called FSH, or Follicle Stimulating Hormone, that triggers the release of an egg. As the egg is released, the follicle begins secreting hormones that target the pituitary gland that tells the gland to stop producing FSH. In a positive feedback loop, labor is initiated by oxytocin created from the ovaries. Labor then intensifies the creation of oxytocin from the ovaries and targets the uterus, causing even more contractions until the baby is pushed out.

    Source(s): AP Biology
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