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volleyball rotations ?

i made jv volleyball for high school and i wont be able to play until i get my rotation down. i play middle.

i dont exactly know what kind we use but its basic rotating

can someone explain it or show me a website that can ?

thank you . .

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    it really depends on the coach and what kind of rotation you are doing, if you find out wha type of rotation you are you (ex. 6-2 5-1, ect,) then i can help you.

    but the general idea is you rotate around the court (which im guessing you already know) and when the ball is on the other side of the et, you are up by the net, ready to block, in yur case you would be i the middle. you still rotate around the court the normal way, and before the ball is served, you must be standing in the spot yo would be in acording to your rotation, but after the ball is served, you run to your spot that you play (in your case the middle) and play that positin.

    when the ball is on te other side of the net, you must be ready to block, usually the middle will block everything. when a free ball is coming over the net, you will transition back to the 10 ft. line, and be ready to play defense. you also do the same when the other team is serving.

    okay so i really hope you understand this, i am very bad at explaining things, and im not even sure if i understand it myself. haha.

    hopefully this is not to confusing.

    but it might take a while to learn, but just ask your coach or another player that knows the rotation well and they can explain it to you, again it really depends on what rotation you are doing.

    i hope this helps!

    good luck! (;

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    The 6-2 particularly relies upon on the serve obtain that the instructor needs to apply. as quickly as the ball is handed, it particularly is undemanding for the middle hitter. flow to the middle and await the back row setter to set you. there are thousands of serve obtain varieties that coaches use, so it would be no longer possible to provide help to recognize the place to start. you pick to attempt to dam all 3 positions. be certain you block your center first and then help the two outsides.

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    Is it 5-1 or 6-2 or something else?

    Are you middle back or middle front?

    you have to be more specific. You have to answer these questions before I know what info to give you..

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    think it this way if you r in the front then you will rotate left so then u will be left front witch is the setter

    when you r in the back you will rotate right so then you will be right back

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    Try this.It shows you where to move,how and when to do it.Also includes photos.

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