does my computer have 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0?

I have an emachine with windows xp


128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0

Update 2:

thank you for the help

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    That tells me nothing.

    Right click My Computer > Properties > Hardware tab > Device Manger

    Under Display Adapters it'll tell you what type of video card you have. Let us know that and we should be able to tell you.

    Source(s): The Nvidia GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU is 64MB and does not support Pixel Shader 2.0
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    bellae2, WHICH MODEL of eMachines? More than likely it has what is called->Integrated Graphics. This is a graphics chip soldered to the motherboard, inside the eMachines. If so, it won't have what you need.

    Don't know where you're at, but Walmart has graphics cards that you can put into your eMachines desktop computer. (Can't believe I'm recommending WALMART! ) They have ATI and Nvidia graphics cards.

    Kinda' expensive for what you need. Anywhere from $70 bucks to $100.

    You also need to know what graphics expansion slot style it uses,

    Could be PCI, AGP, or PCI-Express x16. There are other sources for graphics cards also. Don't know, but maybe Office Max, Office Depot, might have them. Best Buy? Yes.(Echh!) Online I use, and


    All you need is something like this,

    Now this graphics card uses the PCI expansion slot. If your computer has an AGP graphics expansion slot, you should buy a graphics card that is AGP.

    I know this probably all sounds confusing. If you email me the eMachines model number, I can advise you on choices for a graphics card.

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    3-D Acclerated only skill a committed actual pictures card, not an onboard pictures. A pixel shader is a shader application achieved by skill of pictures processing unit. It provides 3-D shading and lights effects to pixels in a picture. Judging by skill of the standards, it would be a particularly previous game. those pictures card help AGP 8X: Gigabyte GV-R13128D (Radeon X1300) Gigabyte GV-N68U256D (GeForce 6800 extremely)

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    i need to know this as well so i can play spore. so how can i tell if my grff card will work?

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