Can I get a part-time job at 14 or 15 in PA?

I'm turning 14 this October, and I was wondering if I could get an actual simple part time job like at a store with a work permit, but if there is nothing but mowing lawns and babysitting at 14 than I will wait till 15 cause I hate those kind of jobs, but at 15 where could I work? I need to make my own money for college and my own personal expenses because my mom and dad said they aren't going to spend much money on me anymore, so i have to pay for myself.





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    14 – 15 years old: Depending on local laws, you can work outside school hours in non-hazardous jobs (restaurant and retail gigs are fine). But your hours are limited, especially on school days, when you can work a maximum of three hours a day. This increases to a maximum of eight hours a day on Saturday and Sunday. The maximum you can work in a week while school is in session is 18 hours, and this increases to 40 hours during the summer.

    You should also know that while the U.S. government doesn’t require you to have any special paperwork or documents saying it’s OK for you to work, your state may. Some states require these documents (also known as “working papers”) for teens under 18. Ask your school guidance office or career center if they have the forms to fill out – and to provide you with assistance. You can also check with your state’s labor department by typing in the following Web address into your Internet browser:


    The U.S. Department of Labor has a number of helpful resources for teens on its website covering following topics:

    • Agricultural employment

    • What are “hazardous” jobs?

    • Additional age restrictions and state labor laws

    Simply type the following Web address into your Internet browser and you should be able to find answers to all of your questions:

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    newspaper round

    stable hand

    thats about it really.

    You cant get a good job until your 16. sorry.

    I had the same problem.

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