To YOU republicans, I have a question...?

ive heard many of you say that Jimmy Carter is the worst president. Please give me your reasoning saying that he is worse than the president we currently have. Please give me a logical answer, not some bullshit like "cuz he's a democrat."

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    this is a long issue

    but read this, its from the the New York Times, a paper that supports the Democratic party, such as myself

    Has Jimmy Carter ever met a dictator he did not love? Unfortunately, this darling of worldwide leftists cannot seem to disappear from the world stage. Listed herewith are some of the more egregious of our 39th President's follies. The consistent theme is his unwavering support for socialist dictators.

    President Jimmy Carter invited Robert Mugabe to the White House in 1980 and fully supported this dictator's rise to power in Rhodesia. Moderate black Bishop Abel Muzorewa had been elected to the post of prime minister. However, President Carter with the support of the world press succeeded in declaring the election null and void. Mugabe, an avowed Marxist, was elected in a second election. The totals of the Zimbabwe disaster under Mugabe are still being tallied: 70 percent unemployment, a total dictatorship, the displacing of productive white farmers and the resulting destruction of productive farms, an exodus of three million Zimbabweans from the country.

    Jimmy Carter has shown a special dedication to the cause of leftist dictators in Central America. He used the full power of the office to undermine and set the stage for the overthrow of the duly elected Anastasio Somosa in Nicaragua, to be replaced by the Marxist Sandanista Daniel Ortega. No matter that the Somosa election had been certified by the OAS. He continues to offer moral support for Marxist dictators Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

    The Iran hostage crisis occurred under Jimmy Carter's watch. From Nov. 4, 1979 until Jan. 20, 1981 some 66 Americans were taken hostage and held in the American Embassy in Teheran. They were released within hours of President Ronald Reagan's swearing in ceremony. Just prior to his inauguration, President Reagan was asked if perhaps the captors should wait until he became president so as to make a better deal for the captives release. Reagan replied, "That would be foolish."

    Ex-President Jimmy Carter has been instrumental in the rise to power of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez was saved from recall by the voters in Venezuela in 2004 with Carter "monitoring" the election. The election was suspicious on many fronts. The exit polls conducted by an independent New York poling firm declared one half hour before the polls closed that Chavez had been defeated. When the official results were announced, Chavez was declared the winner by nearly the exact opposite percentages as the independent poll had determined. Jimmy Carter certified the Chavez victory anyway. Chavez has shown himself to be a continual hater of the United States.

    nOne of the most serious threats to global security is the nuclear threat posed by Marxist dictator Kim Jung Il of North Korea. In 1994, without governmental authority, Jimmy Carter went to North Korea and brokered a deal with Kim Jung Il that was supposed to keep that rogue state from attaining nuclear weapons. Jimmy's "negotiation" called for the United States to provide the North Koreans with $4 billion worth of light water reactors and $100 million in oil in exchange for a promise not to develop weapons plus assurances that inspectors would be allowed in. On Aug. 28, 2003 North Korea announced that it possessed nuclear weapons.

    Perhaps the most egregious and far reaching of the Jimmy Carter failures was his bringing down of the Shah of Iran in 1979, to be replaced by radical Muslim cleric Ayatollah Khomeini. The history of Iran is such that a secular government friendly to both the West and their trading partners along the ancient trade routes, such as India and China, had been an important stabilizing element in Mid-east politics for centuries. Jimmy Carter pressured the Shah, a longtime friend of the United States, to leave Iran. Then he denied him asylum and medical treatment. At the same time he supported the fundamentalist Mullahs who opposed the Shah. A religious revolution followed and the rise of Muslim fundamentalism had begun in the Middle East. The terrorism and overall unrest that plagues the world today can be properly traced to this specific failure of the Jimmy Carter presidency.

    It is popular in some circles to blame others such as the United States, or Israel, or George Bush for the instability and radicalism in the Middle East while overlooking the role that Jimmy Carter played in the current situation. But it is a fact of history that Jimmy Carter played a key role in creating the two most important threats to global security today, namely Iran and North Korea.

    Source(s): NEW YORK TIMES
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    When Carter's last year in office Unemployment was 7.1%. Bush the average for this year will be about 5.5-5.8% (I know it was 6.1% this month but was 5.3 at the start of the year.)

    Inflation was at 10% Not 5% now

    To get a home loan 20% interest, now 6.5%

    Personal wealth is at an altime high.

    He had the highest Misery rating ever, Bush is not even close.

    The lowest recorded value for the American misery index was 2.97% (July, 1957). The highest value for the misery index was 21.98% (June, 1980).

    The misery index during the first term of the administration of President George W. Bush was better than it had been in most years since World War II. By the end of 2004 it was 7.4, which is lower than it had been in every one of President Bill Clinton's first four years. It was at 8.4 when Clinton won another term in 1996.

    On a personal Note:

    High interest rates put my father out of buisness for himself.

    Regulation Forced my grandfather to end his logging company. He had a crew of 20-50 men, and just find work for himsef.

    I also admire and respect Carter, and would have probable voted for him. (not old enough). Reagan showed us he was WRONG.


    Unemployment has many different numbers, one is people filing another is people who are out of filing limits and still no job.

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    Simple. 12% unemployment vs. 6% at it's worst under Bush.

    16% Inflation vs. 2% under Bush.

    21% Prime Interest Rate vs. 5% at it's worst under Bush.

    Bush has issues, but Carter's policies are what turned me to the Republican Party. I am now an Independant, but I LIVED what happens when you ignore history and implement tax increases, windfall profits taxes, and stop free trade. You think this is bad, just wait if the uneducated, historically ignorant give us a Democratic President with a Democratic Congress.

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    The biggest reason I say he was a terrible president was his lack of BALLS to go into iran and rescue AMERICAN hostages.

    Carter was a good man just a terrible president.

    Jimmy Carter has done alot for America since his term as president but accomplished very little while in office.

    I was in grade school during his term but remember sitting in line for over an hour to get gas in the family car.

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    First let go back a little, let go back to the 1970’s. People need to be reminded that Reagan came to power due to the complete disillusion the American people had in ourselves at the end of the 1970’s, due in part to the loss in Viet Nam, the country generally in a decline mode, and more below; just watch the Movie “Miracle” to be reminder a bit on how things were…

    For starters, Carter and the gas/oil crisis…

    then, the economy in recession/pieces… addition to a “Hollow military”, a military with very low moral, equipped poorly with aging tanks and aircraft, cut too small for the dangers of the times and future dangers we were facing at that time, which coincidently is the same thing we did again at the end of the 1990’s…:

    Then, the USSR on the “march” from Afghanistan (an Afghan goverment coup, then a Soviet invasion)…

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    From 1979 to 1981 inflation was 64 percent. We had to wait in line for hours to buy gas, and we were limited to buying 10 gallons only. Unemployment was double or triple todays rate. Mortgages were 20 percent, credit cards were 30 percent or more. It makes todays economy look good.

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    It is all documented in history. But since I was on active duty let me just say that when he took over the military got so bad the Soviet Union could have taken us out with half a division, and a garbage barge. To fix planes we had to often spend our own money and go to radio shack for parts. One deployment we made of 15 fighters only 3 could even fly and between them we could launch, maybe 5 missile. Budgets were cut so bad qualified people left in droves. Plus he was a puss when Iran took our people, gave away our canal and basically kissed the butt of anyone would would bare it in front of him. Total pansy.

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    You obviously weren't around when he was president

    He wasn't so bad, I guess...He was only a detriment in areas of:


    Foreign Affairs

    National Defense

    Energy Policy

    Employment Rate

    National Budget


    Interest Rates

    Corporate Investments

    I guess he was ok on other things...But, I think I may have left something out, too...Possibly

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    Taking the faster poster's factor that there are not incredibly any "leaders" interior the Republican social gathering, there are certainly a number of Republicans who've publicly inspired violence against united statesa. government in some type or yet another. that's definitely treasonous, exceedingly whilst it comes no longer from any mere citizen, yet from an elected sturdy who has sworn an oath to uphold the form. and whether it is anecdotal, whether an inordinately extreme proportion of human beings on the radical exact flock to Yahoo! solutions, a number of the failings one sees in posts on listed here are very demanding, and doubtlessly very risky. That maximum of human beings have been weened off of severe concept and fed propaganda for long adequate that they are receptive to such radical ideas will quite could be addressed in our society as urgently and heavily as a hazard.

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    Well you had the Gas line BS. Then what about all our hostages in Iran? Awful funny they day Regan was elected they were set free. He was a weak player,no backbone... Kinda like Obama.

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