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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

claiming????10 分

It's claiming that its new browser will give web users a faster and more reliable way of visiting websites which now feature all sorts of multi-media content.






Google has shown it can beat Microsoft in a number of areas; changing the ingrained habits of millions of web users will be quite a challenge.


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  • Baggio
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    為何句中的claim要+ing? :

    It’s claiming = It is claiming = present continuous tense.

    We can use “It claims” to replace “It is claiming”. However, if we look back to the context of the report, the new browser is a new product of Google and Google is now promoting this new products. Therefore in the article the writer used a lot present continuous tense to let us know that Google is emphasizing that this is not an on line product that Google is selling everyday..

    我的英文聆聽能力極差,多聽是辦法,但應聽甚麼?看電視劇? :

    Yes, watching TV drama is definitely a good method to improve your listening skills. Watching news is also a good tool to improve listening because in many cases you already know or have some knowledge on what the news is talking about, so while you watch you won’t be completely lost in the context. Instead you can try to learn the language used in the news report – a perfect training of writing report speech essays.

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