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急急急 英文高手幫我翻譯



1.藍山 :較受一般大眾歡迎的咖啡 味道濃厚,且烘焙過程短






5.蘇門答臘: 此種咖啡豆口味相當強。

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    Coffee type:

    1. blue mountains: Receives the coffee flavor which the common populace welcome to be thick, and cures the process to be short

    2. Munder rather: Has the quite rich thick mellow taste,and has a more obvious bitter taste and the carbon burns the taste.

    3. mocha: Generally thought that is the sour odor strong coffee, because actually fries bakes the degree to be able to discriminate.

    4. Takes the iron: The light coffee fragrance and sweetness, the sending out rich enchanting fresh milk is fragrant,is many female students most loves.

    5. Sumatra: This kind of coffee bean taste is quite strong.

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    1.Lan Shan: The coffee taste relatively welcomed by general masses is thick, and cure the course short

    2.Graceful and specially peaceful: Have quite thick and strongly fragrant and abundant aromatic flavor,

    And comparatively obvious bitter flavor and carbon burn flavor .

    3.Rub the card : It is generally acknowledged that belongs to coffee with stronger tart flavor , in fact different because of frying the degree of baking over a slow fire.

    4.Take irons: Thin coffee fragrance and sweet flavor , it is fragrant to distribute the thick and strongly fragrant and pleasant fresh milk,

    It is a lot of girl students' favorite.

    5.Sumatera: This kind of coffee bean taste is quite strong.


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    1.Blue Mountains: a welcome by the general public a strong smell of coffee and baking process short.

    2.Mandailing: a very strong side of the thick taste, and with more obvious bitterness and carbon siu mei.

    3.Mocha: generally considered to be sour strong coffee, in fact, because of the extent of speculation baking are different.

    4.Latte: light aroma of coffee and Takuan, distributed milk-rich charming, is the favorite of many girls.

    5.Sumatra: such a strong taste of coffee beans.

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