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    Any student who has accumulated 12 months or more of fulltime curricular practical training (CPT) is NOT eligible to apply for OPT. If you meet the following criteria you are eligible to apply for Optional Post Completion

    Practical Training for up to 12 months after you complete your studies at each academic level:

    You have not previously used 12 months of OPT at your current academic level (i.e. a Masters Degree in another field).

    See http://www.fsc.edu/intled/documents/OPT.pdf

    One Twelve-Month Period of Optional Practical Training is Available for Each Degree Program You Complete

    You are allotted twelve months of optional practical training for each higher degree level you complete as an F-I student (bachelors, masters, or doctoral). For example, if you complete a bachelor’s program and continue directly to a master’s program you will forfeit the 12 months of OPT that had been available at the previous level. You cannot then earn a second lower degree and regain the OPT option for that level.

    See http://ialogin.catnet.arizona.edu/upload/395/3823_... (This is updated on 4/21/2008)

    => This means: You cannot apply for another OPT at your current academic level, which is MBA even though it is in a different field, if you have already used 12 months of OPT at that academic level.

    You will need to obtain a doctorate degree to apply for another OPT.

    不能有第2次OPT, 必須要博士學位到手才能再次申請.

    Exceptions are:

    Students who have completed a degree within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field are eligible to apply for a 17 month extension of their 12 Post Completion OPT. In order to apply for this ONE TIME EXTENSION, students must meet certain criteria.

    See details from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.



    2008-09-06 05:05:00 補充:

    I have also found two more exceptions: First, if you spend at least one year outside the U.S., and then return with F-1 status. Second, if you change from F-1 to another status, spend at least a year in the other status, and then change back to F-1 status.

    2008-09-06 05:05:13 補充:

    See http://www.istudentcity.com/immigration/imm_permis...

    2008-09-08 22:45:46 補充:

    Effective April 8, 2008, students who have received a bachelor’s master’s or Ph.D. degree in a designated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) degree program are eligible to request a 17 month extension of OPT, beyond the initial 12 month period, if they meet the following conditions:

    2008-09-08 22:46:23 補充:

    1. Their most recent degree was a designated STEM degree

    2. They are already in their initial 12 month period of OPT

    3. They have an employer or a job offer with a company that participates in the e-Verify program

    2008-09-08 22:46:44 補充:

    4. Their employer agrees to report to OIE if the job ends prior to the end of the student’s OPT

    5. They agree to report their name, address, employer’s name and address and every six months, within a 10 business day period, to OIE confirming this information

    2008-09-08 22:47:11 補充:

    6. They obtain a new I-20 with a new OPT recommendation from OIE

    7. They make a timely application to USCIS using form I-765, with appropriate fee, prior to the end date of their initial 12 month. USCIS recommends filing 90 days prior to the initial OPT end date.

    2008-09-08 22:50:55 補充:

    See http://www.studentaffairs.cmu.edu/oie/forstu/optpt...

    In your case, I don't believe that you qualify for the extension. You need to meet all the criteria stated above (1-7).

    2008-09-08 22:52:56 補充:

    It doesn't hurt to try either, since you have nothing to loose.

    2008-09-08 23:17:07 補充:


    This is the website from USCIS which details the criteria for the extension.

    2008-09-09 00:34:04 補充:

    Even though I said earlier that it didn't hurt to try, your chance of getting approved seemed slim because the extension seems to be targeted for people who already have an STEM degree and need to extend the OPT beyond 12 months.

    Source(s): USCIS and international student program and services websites. Work as a project manager in the US for over 16 years with an MBA degree.
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    你讀EE, 所以可以有17個月的OPT. 但是, 如果在四個月之內沒有找到工作, 就必須離開美國了.

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    USCIS有很多新的規定, 你應該直接去詢問你的International Student Advisor.

    我那是後只要是不同degree而且不是那種短期的program, 就可以申請第二個opt...更高的學歷是一定可以...查了幾各學校, 都註明新的master不能申請第二個opt...你還是回學校問清楚...

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