Anyone know anything about USB ports?

Ok here goes... My USB port doesn't exist in my system anymore. Well it does but if you look for it in the hardware its not there. It worked fine 2 weeks ago but a few days a ago I plugged in my camera and got nothing. So I tried the printer...nothing. When I looked in my hardware it wasn't even listed. Now the computer was built for me by a friend a year and a half ago so I have no clue whats in it (brand wise) other than I run on XP. If someone could give me a nudge in the right direction on getting this fixed I would be so grateful. My baby girls birthday pics are on that dang camera and without the USB working I can't get them off :-(


Ok nothing is loose except my brain lol. I checked. Went into check out the device manager and and have no clue what to look for.

Update 2:

Oh and how do I find the root hubs?

Update 3:

Ok being as my money situation sucks at the moment I can't take my puter to the doctor and get it fixed there. Lol. I've tried all the suggestions here except the backup and restore. I was hoping not to do that because last time I did I lost a ton of stuff. When I try to add new hardware this thing keeps coming up about my old sharp AJ5030 but when I try to fix it it won't copy files or something. No I don't have the disk for it anymore and yes I've tried to download the stuff from Sharp. Not working. How can I bypass the computer telling me about that hardware so I can concentrate on the USB hardware?

Update 4:

Oh and I now have no root hubs on the device manager. *sigh* This stinks. :-(

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    Try uninstalling all the "USB Root Hubs" from the Device Manager, then restart your computer. Windows should re-install the USB Root Hubs. Then, retry your camera connection. Make sure all other hardware is removed from USB ports before uninstalling Root Hubs.

    EDIT: You should e-mail an available helper, who you feel can better assist you for one-on-one support...

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    Go to run and type cmd. once yousee a window

    type> set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 then enter.

    type> devmgmt.msc and press enter. device manager should pop up.

    maximize the window then go to view check show hidden devices.

    now Wha you do is click the + on each branch, there you will see devices that show faint or faded icons. If you don't have those devices and wil never use them, right-lick on the item and choose uninstall. The USB root hub is all the way at the bottom. Just thought i'd suggest this to optimize the system. One last thing anplu any USB devices that you aren't relly using, but don't unplug something like a USB wireless adapter that requires the software and drivers.

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    Firs thing... BACK YOUR DATA UP. you might not need this come the end of the day, but if troubleshooting takes you to a point where your operating system needs reinstalled or reconfigured, you will be happy you did so if you have important pictures and documents.

    * restart the computer several times with no usb hardware attached. sometimes this will reset the usb ports. **First time, be sure that you shut power right off. pull the power plug from the computer and hold in the power button for a minute. (discharges capacitors, and will allow the motherboard to get fresh information regarding the devices it is starting up at boot.**


    * I would suggest a system restore. (if you have kept this option turned on) You can check by going to:

    start/all programs/accessories/system tools/system restore . (classic view)

    On the right side you will see the option to restore your computer to an earlier time (if you have kept that option active.) when the calendar comes up.. Look for a bolded date that is before your issue with your usb started... based on the start date of your issue, I would suggest about 3-4 weeks back. there are arrows on each side of the month that will move you forward or back on the calendar.

    Pick your day, and follow the prompts. they are quite self explainatory. A system restore generally takes aprx 15-30 minutes to complete. this doesnt hurt saved data as a rule, but will unistall any programs you have installed between the current date and the date you chose for a restore. (as you have backed up your data before now, you wont be too worried about this point) Don't be concerned when the computer hangs after the restart, This is normal as the system is reconfiguring the data and this takes a while.

    I give this option a 60% sucess rate for this type of issue. Good part is, that (this is undooable to the last restore but still back up that data first as 'stuff' happens sometimes, and its best to be prepared for surprises), and keeps your operating system in tact.

    Now if your sytem restore options where there, but you got an error that the restore was unsuccessful after you completed the restore process, I would suggest trying to restore to another date a little farther back up to about 6 weeks. and if this fails as well, you are probably looking at some windows issues that are causing your problems. but first.

    If that doesnt work. you will probably need to have the usb drivers reinstalled from in your device manger. If you are not so familiar with your device manager, I would recommend speaking with someone that is a bit computer savey to assist you reinstalling the correct drivers under your universal serial bus controllers option. But how to get there..

    To get to your device manager, select start, right click on my computer, go to properties, and then select the hardware tab. then select the device mananger button. This opens your device manager. on the bottom you will see the universal serial bus controllers, the usb root hubs are here and are generally right clicked to be removed.. when you restart they will reinstall themselves.

    if reinstalling the usb drivers is unsuccessful, then I would suggest seeing if that someone as mentioned above has a benchmarking tool that can check your hardware's health status. If it shows your usb ports are good, then you may be looking at a reinstall of the OS to be sure there is no software getting in the way of your usb devices working.

    If the benchmark shows they are bad... then you are looking at a motherboard replacement most likely.

    Good luck with this and hopefully it is an easy fix for you.


    Source(s): Personal experience. Tier 3 notebook suport professional.
  • If your computer has a memory card bay, You may be able to take the card out and place it in there, but be careful.

    You can go to Control Panel --> Add new hardware, and it'll scan for your port if it were removed driver wise. If not try to skip that and add it.

    If all else fails open up your computer and without touching anything look to see if anything is loose, or the connection is severed.

    Good luck =)

    Worst case, All photo developers ( 60-minute printout places etc. ) allow you to give them your card and they will put it on a disk for you! Might cost a buck but handy =)

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    Windows XP auto detect the USB devices.

    You may try this following may be fulfull your requirement.

    1. Go to Control Panel.

    2. Click on Add Hardware Option .

    3. Follow the instruction (It will be right if you attach your USB device already).

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    if the usb ports are not listed in your hardware manager then you have lost your drivers. from my experience, if the ports are not being seen then you are missing what is called chip sets. i just did a repair like this a couple of days ago and all you have to do is find out what motherboard you have. go to that website and download drivers for that board. there is an easier way. i use a website called . you will have to download it into your machine. it is very easy to do. it will give you a free scan of your machine and tell you what drivers and chip sets are missing. it will even show you the downloadable files that you need. you will have to purchase the software for like 26 bucks for the year and for a tech like me that is good because i repair alot of machines. all i have to do is log in on the machine i am working on once i have downloaded and scanned. and bam, all my drivers are listed and ready for me to click each one and download. it is a pretty cheap repair considering that you would probably spend about 50-75 dollars minimum for a tech to repair. i hope this helps.....its easy!!!!

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    try system restore to where your computer works properly...

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