Is truck Mount or portable carpet cleaner better?


I'm starting a cleaning business. Is truck mount or portable better? Wht?

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I'm starting a carpet cleaning business. Is truck mount or portable carpet cleaner better? Why?

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    We use both and the truck mount is better. But in high rise buildings you are limited to a portable. The portable does a great job but only if the technician know what they are doing. If you are going to hire a company ask how long the have been in business and then ask for the technician that has been there the longest. Check BBB and references. You should be pleased with the results as long as they are a professional company.

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    Are you looking to have your carpets cleaned, or go into business?

    Truck mount is a bigger machine. So you get more power out of it. Truck mount doesn't affect chemical usage though... that just depends on what you choose.

    Truck mount can use a self contained water tank, so you're not filling the portable tank by hand...

    How far away the truck has to be parked can affect performance. And you may have to lug around a lot of hose, hehehe.

    Either machine tho, will depend a lot on how well the person using it, knows their job.

    I've used both over the years...if I were going into business, and had plenty of start up cash, I'd buy a truck mount. But I've cleaned a lot of carpets with portable machines too, quite successfully. Filling and emptying the tank on a portable is time that could be spend cleaning with a truck mount, so 'how often' the machine is used would also affect my choice. Right now, I only need a truck mount for flood recovery, heheh.

    Have Fun

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    Portable Carpet Steam Cleaner

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    Portable is cheaper to buy I always found that you can get a better suction with a portable cleaner and it can be used in multi story work far easier than truck mount. By the way anti foam I used kerosene instead at $2 a bottle instead of expensive brand name anti foam. It goes in the return tank so threes no smell problem anti foam only puts a film on the water the same as the kerosene

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    truck mount and portable are both good carpet cleaning machines. Every thing deepens on your choice, the type of your cleaning company. You have to consider the cleaning need of your potential customers and other aspects. That's why i would advice you to read this article:

    It will learn you what do you need to know before purchasing carpet cleaning machine.

    Good luck!

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    Having done carpet cleaning myself. A truck mount carpet cleaning service is the best. It has a much more powerful spray to get those tough stains out of the carpet as well as a good sucking vacuum to pull the dirty water out. It out performs any rental that you can get.

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    I hear the truck mount is better.

    I am going to have mine cleaned next week by a Chem-Dry place.

    Supposedly it dries in like 2 hours and it gets it cleaner

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