What has Sarah Palin done for the state of Alaska?

A new face in politics? I'd like to know what she believes in, what kind of decisions will she make if she ends up our President, and what has she done for her state of Alaska?

I found these things - can you give me more?



In addition to all your contributions here are some more:

1) Palin sued the US gov't to remove the polar bear from the endangered species list

2) In 2007 she put out a bounty on wolves paying $150 for turning in legs of freshly killed wolves

3)She supports aerial hunting of wolves and bears even though Alaskans voted twice to ban the practice and she used $400,000 of state money to fund a media campaign in support of aerial hunting

4) Palin supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and supports the Pebble Mine (gold mining project in the Bristol Bay Watershed) which poses the greatest single threat to the area’s salmon-bearing rivers and the people who depend on them.

So sad how a pretty face with an "attitude" can move a country. Isn't anyone listening to what our candidates stand for?

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    The woman who made this complaint about big government taking your money is the governor of Alaska. Please take a moment to look at this U.S. Census chart showing federal-government expenditures, per capita, in the 50 states. You will observe that Alaska receives about $14,000 per citizen from the federal government. That's more than any other state, and a good $4,000 more than every other state except Virginia, Maryland, New Mexico, and North Dakota. The chart is from the Census Bureau's Consolidated Federal Funds Report for Fiscal Year 2005. I skipped over the 2006 report, the most recent one available, because Hurricane Katrina put Louisiana and Mississippi ahead of Alaska that year. But that's an anomaly. Alaska held the per-capita record for sucking on the federal teat in 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2000. According to the nonprofit Tax Foundation, Alaska gets back $1.84 for every dollar it pays into the U.S. Treasury—even though Alaska enjoys a higher per-capita income than 34 of the 50 states. This is a state that preaches right-wing libertarianism while it practices middle-class socialism.


    Apparently she had more than 40 lobbyists in her employ in DC while mayor of a town of 2500 citizens. Washington outsider, yeah right.


    A reformer? Nope.


    And apparently McCain was against her before he was for her. Which means this was a campaign choice and not a leadership choice.


    The ebay jet sale story isn't exactly true:


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    1) The downturn in the housing market primarily came down to excess value placed on the land houses were built on (since the cost of building is relatively even across markets). Nowhere in Alaska is there a excessively dense population base, so there was never a housing bubble like in many other places. 2) The state budget is almost entirely dependent on oil revenues, and oil prices are up over the last couple of years. 3) Employment is in a limited number of sectors (fishing, oil) that aren't generally hard-hit by economic downturns.

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    Palin cleaned up the corrupt Alaskan gov. Within months of taking office four elected officials resigned and 7 were indicted. She slashed the budget by 285 million dollars. Palin began the largest pipeline to bring more jobs and help make America energy independent. She also got rid of the gov. mansion staff and the gov. luxury jet by selling it on ebay.Palin has used the veto around 180 times since becoming gov.Palin has also removed the gas tax for a year,and she gave Alaskan's a 1200 gas tax refund. As mayor of Wasilla Palin also slashed income taxes by 40%.

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    It's funny how a woman with a teenage daughter who is pregnant slashed funding for teenage mothers. Also, a woman with a beautiful child with down syndrome also slashed funding for mentally challenged children. She left Wasilla $20 million dollars in debt. If she can do that to little Wasilla, what's it going to be like for a whole country? I strongly encourage her supporters to do some research on the woman before becoming all "Gung-Ho" about her. She has contradicted herself so many times there is no hope for us if McCain is elected. Because remember folks, anything happens to him, SHE is who we have to fall back on.

    A little off topic- what about the "glazed over" look from Cindy McCain, who by the way had an outfit on tuesday night that cost 300,000 dollars! How more in touch with Americans could you be Cindy? My wife and I will make 300,000 dollars in about 4 years.

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    As an example, she mis-managed a state asset, by selling the Governor's jet for $1/2 million less than it was worth...

    She made a "Welcome Video" for the Alaska Independence Party...


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    Have you heard that she put the preceding Governor's jet on eBay because it was a waste of tax money?

    Have you heard that she gives a $1200 check to each resident of Alaska every year because of the high gas prices there?

    Have you heard that she helps monitor 20% of the energy that goes into America?

    Have you heard that she went against Randy Ruedrich, the GOP head in Alaska, on ethics and got him fired?

    Have you heard she has the HIGHEST approval rating of any Governor in the United States?

    Have you heard that she hired a sub-cabinet group to reduce Greenhouse Gases in Alaska?

    Have you heard that she operates on a 6.6 billion dollar budget as governor of Alaska?

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    She has an 80% approval rating in Alaska. She must be doing seomething right.

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    hired lobbies to get money from government


    Clean snow from Roads WOW!

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    She sold that jet on ebay. Oh wait no she didn't, the state ended up paying for it. Also she didn't make a profit on it. Evidence doesn't lie.

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    She cut funding for the disabled 62%

    She Cut funding for shelters for unmarried pregnant teens

    She supported the bridge to nowhere before she was against it, BTW they never returned the money

    She got 27 million in earmarks for that **** hole town she was mayor of

    The pit bull is a poodle

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