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I'd like a really low energy dog?

I'm in a wheelchair & have a lot of love to give!!! I'd be willing to train, groom & exercise a dog...But he/she would have to either be patient or lazy because I can't push my wheelchair fast in my hilly neighborhood & I have a yard but it's mean to make a dog get all of it's exercise out there!!! Any breed recommendations or advice??

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    You might consider adopting an older shelter dog. A dog out if its puppy years is likely to be more laid back, and shelters are full of loving, sweet older dogs desperately in need of good homes.

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    A rescued racing Greyhound may just be the perfect companion for you!

    I have two, and my girl - Rainy - is a licensed Therapy dog.

    Greyhounds are great for a person in your situation, as you can adopt one out of foster care that is already completely housebroken and knows the "rules" of living in a home. A rescue would be glad to work with you to match you up with dog that has the qualities you need. A nice hound with no prey drive, cat and small dog safe, used to living in a home. They come all leash trained, spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated - all for a fraction of the cost of registered puppy of most breeds. You can adopt a Greyhound for usually $200 - $300, depending on the rescue group.

    They are mellow and happy to just hang out with you. They are just the perfect size for hugs from a wheelchair, and they would be very easy to leash and walk - as their heads are right on your level in the chair. They need much less exercise on a daily basis than most breeds of dogs. They walk excellent on the lead - they never try to pull or drag you --- a retired racing dog is always well trained on the lead.

    They have little to no body odor, so much so that it can go easily a year between baths, and you don't even notice a smell on them then. You won't have any of the grooming expense of many of the other breeds, nor the amount of hair in your home to clean up. They do shed when they change from a winter to a summer coat, but that lasts two weeks then you are smooth sailing again.

    That makes them clean house guests that will enjoy being with you. As long as you have a small fenced in backyard to let a Greyhound out to do his/her business in and run an occational lap in - they are happy as a clam.

    They are calm, gentle souls that love everyone .... they are not watchdogs because they won't attack a stranger, but they will be totally dedicated to you, be your best friend and make your heart smile.

    Source(s): My therapy dog Rainy interacts with wheelchair bound clients all the time and they love how she is just the perfect size for them to pet and interact with.
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    I would highly recommend a trip to your local shelter! The odds are good that one of the adoption counselors can talk to you about your dog needs and introduce you to some dogs that will fit with your needs and your lifestyle. Many of the shelter staff get to know a dog during their visit and they tend to be dedicated to finding good forever matches - not just moving dogs out quickly.

    Also, some places have programs for dogs that are trained for special needs or work with the ederly or infirmed. It doesn't sound like your "special needs" are all that drastic or anything, but they may have some dogs that trained to work well with wheelchairs (I imagine some dogs may be afraid of the chair if not properly introduced to it, just as many dogs are afraid of bicycles if they aren't socialized to them).

    And an older dog will already have some training usually and will tend to be more mellow and less demanding.

    (And while the rescue greyhound idea was good, if you go that route ask about managing prey drive - many of them are trained to heighten their prey drive during their working years and if there are small children or small animals in your life as well, you may not want a dog that you can't handle physically should the need arise. They are wonderful dogs, but I personally think retired racers should go to experienced homes.)

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    I re home rescued Chihuahuas to people that are in a wheel chair or cannot walk well and would love a little dog that is quiet and lovable. These dogs have been retrained so that they just love everyone and absolutely do not bite. I train them with a harness and leash so that someone like yourself can pick them up easily and without trouble. They are also taught to ride in the basket without jumping down or out.

    Look around in your area for someone who might do this also. A lot of people think Chihuahuas are high energy dogs. Some are. Some of mine are easily re trained to be lovable lap dogs with personalities anyone would love.

    They are small, don't need excessive grooming. Don't eat big meals and are content to sit or stay on your lap while you are watching t.v. or doing hobbies.

    Source(s): Re homed 27 Chihuahuas in the month of August. 08
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    maybe a toy breed would be good for you.. smaller dogs get adequate exercize with a game of fetch in the back yard.. they are also fine to get 20-30 minute walks at a reasonable pace.

    Or you could look into adopting an older dog.. they dont require as much exercize.

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    A chow chow. You'll need to socialize the dog with other neighborhood dogs and people, but they are very loyal and big enough to have a doggie backpack to hold some stuff for you. They need exercise, but often prefer that to be in the form of a walk rather than play with toys.

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    Basset Hound

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    Look at your local shelter for an older dog, they will have less energy and like to lay around more, and they will enjoy the occasional walk, they wont demand you to walk them every day.

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    A rescue greyhound is perfect,a couch potato dog

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    Try a Great Dane.

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