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the halloween movies?

how many halloween movies are there after 5

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    There are nine counting the remake

    1. Halloween

    2. Halloween II: More of the night he came home

    3. Halloween III: Season of the witch

    4. Halloween 4: The return of Michael Myers

    5. Halloween 5: The revenge of Michael Myers

    6. Halloween 6: The curse of Michael Myers

    7. Halloween: H20

    8. Halloween: Resurrection

    9. Halloween (2007)

    Note: A sequel to resurrection was planned called retribution involving Sarah Moyor, Tommy Doyle, Dr. Loomis's son and the thorn plot. Tommy would tell Sarah that she is Michael's third sister. However, it never happened.

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    Halloween V is The Return of Michael Myers I think. Then there is Halloween H20 and Halloween Resurrection. They should have ended it with H20 though.

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    i think 9

    but im not sure

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