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If J.K. Rowling had ended the Harry Potter series like this...there would be riots?

So your a huuggggeee harry potter fan, and you just can't get enough of it and the last book Deathly Hallows has just came out. You've been reading it nonstop. Before you know it, your down to the last few pages and the dreaded end of the entire series is upon you. You read about the amazing battle of hogwarts, and read how neville chopped off nagini the snake's head, and how Harry finally defeated the infamous Voldemort. Now your one the last page, you keep reading and soon your on the last paragraph. Except this paragraph is not what you expected. Because in this last paragraph, harry is looking around at all the death and destruction voldemort had left behind, when suddenly he hears a rapid tapping. Suddenly he finds himself starring at a spiderweb. With a jolt of horror he looks around to find himself back in the cupboard under the stairs. Aunt Petunia is rapping at the door to wake him. He had had an exciting dream just now, but it was quickly fading away. Something about wizards and magic spells and he himself had been the hero. Oh well, thats how all dreams go isn't it? Something that could never happen in a million years.....The End.

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    When i read the last part of your little paragraph up there, my jaw literally dropped opened! D: omg that'd be horrible!

    LOL where did you get this idea from?

    I'd be disappointed and sad....

    hmm.... i'm sure there'd be many riots!

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    You know for about a week before Hallows came out, I was a bit worried that would happen. But I knew that Mrs. Rowling would never do that to us, and she didn't. If she had, I probably would have been very empty inside. Angry and bitter, but mostly empty. I would say "Wow" and that would be the end.

    Except for the riots, of course...

    In a way it would be rather cool, though. She dragged us along for about ten years with this amazing story. We were blown away. Then in one paragraph, she undoes the whole thing... almost like magic.

    I'm really glad that it wasn't a totally happy ending (like a certain other bestselling novel which was recently released that may or may not include vampires and a freaky mutant baby) because that would be just as bad. You don't build up for seven books for a "happily ever after," do you? No, you can't have a ton of conflict and a clean break. As terrible as this sounds, I'm glad some characters kicked the bucket.

    If I ever have several big bestselling book series, I think I'll end one with the "all just a dream" ending just to tick people off. The it was was so cliche, that now it's become so rarely used that it's not cliche anymore, so I could pull it off.

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    It would have been interesting, for sure. There was a tv show that was on for years and its finale was like that. The chick wakes up and it was all a dream. Can't remember what it was called off hand.

    Looking back now, it'd be an interesting ending. Reading it for the first time I may be a bit peeved. After reading about Dumbledore's death I actually threw my book across the room and pouted for a few hours, but now i see it made sense.

    Its very reminiscent of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. They hide in the wardrobe and stay in Narnia. Years later (10 plus years) they find their way back through the wardrobe and realize that they are in the exact same moment as they were when they entered the wardrobe (i.e, no time but perhaps a second has passed).

    Its been done before. Interesting idea though.

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    There were many theories of the ending of the Harry Potter series , before the release of Deathly Hallows.

    And this one was one of the most famous ones.

    I'm sure that JKR would disappoint many HP fans if she ended the series like this. I assume that It wouldn't be logical and I think it would be kinda stupid.

    I mean , she particularly would waste the precious 10 years in creating and writing her books.

    It would be a silly from her to ruin the whole series with just one last paragraph. She actually is killing the series with whole this , the characters , the story , the plot , everything that resembles the books.

    It would be a truly tragic ending.

    xx Greetings

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    Ha ha- well first I would be mad- I mean how could she have created this world and taken it away from us??? I was seriously (in the past of course...) thinking that JK Rowling was herself a witch and she had permission to right about the life/legend of Harry Potter to make it easy for muggle-borns to assimilate into the Magical community and if she ended it like that, my hopes will be pushed to the grave along side it! There would also be the shock of ending it in a cliche' way- I thought she was a better writer than that!

    Perhaps MANY, MANY, MANY years down the track I would be able to have a god laugh about it and my reaction to it (IE- if that happened, I would probably be baned from Bloomsbury for life)..but like I said it would take light years.

    Fun hypothetical, cheers snapey :)

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    That was one of the wild theories my sisters and I had while discussing what would happen in book 7. I'm glad it didn't happen though, that would have ruined the whole "it's real, I can relate" type of feeling the book has, because yes, it's a magical world but one right in the middle of the one we live in.

    We also predicted that one of the W twins would die and hoped it would be Georgie if it came to that. (No offense to him, Fred's just funnier)

    That type of ending reminds me of a children's book. I think it was written and illustrated by one person. It was a story of a painter whose works would come out of their canvases into the real world. I think he entered a contest with a painting of a duck, and everyone laughed until the duck in the painting quacked. At the end, there's chaos and the painter goes back into his frame. It was really good. I had the chance to see that author and hear him speak at a young author's-type meeting in 7th grade.

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    I would words. What WB's did with HBP movie and the anger I felt at that moment-mulitply that exponentially!

    I mean...that's like trying to pretend part of your life never happened because Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Ron-they are like real people we are so attached to these books.

    Riots? The world would just go into a deep depression.

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    I would have been in shock. It would have completely ruined the series for me, which would have been depressing because I'm obsessed with those books.

    A series that used to be among my favorites ended so that everything in the past 12-ish (I don't remember exactly how many) was undone, so it was like it never happened... It ruined the series for me. I was so angry.

    Thank God J.K. Rowling chose the ending she did. I quite like it :)

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    I think an even MORE worse way to end the book is Harry waking up to realize that hes 58 years old and it was all a drunken bar dream after a hard days work as a janitor, then he rolls over on the street and throws up.. The end.. 0___o

    Source(s): It would have been a bizarre way to end the series.... But i bet no one would have seen it coming!! Although your ending is unexpected as well...
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    :O That would be awful!! Ten years of writing down the drain for J.K. Rowling. It's just- just so cliche!! It would ruin a fantastic series.

    I'd probably throw my copy across my room if it ended like that :P

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    *snork* Hilarious. I'm glad that isn't how the series ended. I love it the way it is, thanks very much. (I think I may be the only person in the history of the world who actually LIKED the ridiculously cheesy epilogue and the camping-out scenes.)

    Still, that would have been a good dream. I wish my dreams were like that.


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