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What about Capuchin Monkeys?

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My Family and i are wanting to add a capuchin monkey to the family soon. i've researched and it's hard to find supportive caresheets on the matter. They are legal in my state and ...show more
Update : ok first of all Who do you get more bites from? Dogs or monkeys?.. ...show more
Update 2: Helping Hands Website lol sorry got cought up in the moment there
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Hi there! You have asked a very good question. One that I can actually answer! I myself own two Capuchin Monkeys, a Squirrel Monkey, and a Spider Monkey. Owning a monkey and especially a Capuchin is a huge responcibility and shouldn't be taken lightly. I researched for about four years before I decided to take home my first little primate which was a Squirrel Monkey. And let me tell you this, my Squirrel Monkey, Bradley, is a lot easier then my three other monkeys. I am glad that I started out small instead of jumping right in with a Capuchin or a Spider Monkey.

Well first of all to start off, you must make sure that they are legal in your area, which you said they were. And be prepared to pay about $10,000 for your Capuchin Monkey. I payed $8500 for my male, and $9500 for my female. But the price on every monkey is going to increase as the "deadline" to owning them legally draws nearer, which hopefully never happens.

Make sure to purchase your Capuchin from a reputable breeder and check out their clientel. There are many false breeders out there and you can be scammed in a heart beat. And one important thing, if you are a female, make sure to purchase a female capuchin monkey as males can be somewhat agressive to their female owners during "mating" or "breeding" season, even when fixed. It is highly reccomended to get your male monkey a Vysectomy or your female a Full Hysterectomy.

Now let's start with the Monkey Basics. You must be fully committed to your pet monkey for the next 30-50 years it may live. Capuchins are very social and intellegent therfore they become bored easily and need to be occupied daily. They do need a cage with very well enrichment that must be changed monthly. A cage should be no smaller then 6' by 6' by 6'. They should also not be in their cage all day, forget about getting any monkey if you cannot provide at least 4 hours a day with him/her out of their cage. Also, your house must be monkey proof as Capuchins are very curious and will get into everything and anything they can. They can be destructive but they are mostly manageable.

With my two Capuchins, Giselle & Franky, I keep them in their own bedroom. It is about 16' by 10' by 20'. They have free roam of the room and it is decorated as a new born babies' room. They have plenty of toys including ropes, tire swings, a children's play gym, (I also have a VERY large outdoor enclosure for all my monkeys as they NEED sunlight weekly), toddler toys, boomer balls, and monkey accessories. They are very spoiled and have so much in the room playing together. They are also diaper trained which is a plus so no more mess when they use the bathroom. (Although the floor was tile, lol.)

They eat twice a day and I feed them a variety of foods including Monkey Chow, Monkey Biscuits, Primate O's, plenty of Fruit's and Veggie's, nuts, and table scraps. (Monkeys have a very fast motabolism and will therfore go to the bathroom many times throughout the day.)

Oh yes, when you first bring the "new born" home, it will be all about the monkey, like it should. The monkey needs 24/7 attention for about the first 6 monthes of their life. In this time they learn everything and what is right and wrong for them and they just learn how you want them to behave. Remember that you take home his wonderful monkey at about 5-8 weeks old (1-2 monthes). You should feed them about every four house with their Primi Formula, or (Emphymal mixed with baby gerber food, flintstones vitamins, and mushy monkey biscuits).

I was lucky and got to stay home with ALL my monkeys for the whole first year of their life and even now when I work they are only in their cage for about 4 hours of the day because there are 3 people in my household taking care of them. Which takes me to another point, Capuchins are very picky and choosy in who they like in the household. They usually like there main caretaker, another person, and try to dominate the rest. Especially if it is a male capuchin and wants to dominate a female, or a younger sibling. (I do not reccomend owning a monkey if there is anyone in your home under the age of 15)

Capuchins are a big challenge and just remember that they are going to be with you for up to 50 years of your life. Once you take them in your home, you cannot give them away, that would be very bad and you are just saying that "no one should own primates as pets."

I just want you to be prepared, I dont another one of those people in the world that just adopt a monkey because they are cute....
They are a HUGE responcibility...They are my life and I have no time for anything else but them.
Forget about vacations, unless you are willing to pay big bucks for a sitter, and forget about kenneling them. And make sure to find a certified vet that WILL treat and take good care of your monkey if anything comes up. And you need a vet for the neutering or spaying.
(You can take your monkey on vacation with you as long as the Captive Prima



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Best answer i've recieved on this Yahoo answers! lol if you ever want to email me about how my monkeys will be in the future my email is lil-kiarakitty90@hotmail.com
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  • Rachel answered 7 years ago
    they arent good pets at all... theyre not like babies like you cuddle them and stuff and you cant really potty train it and... i wouldnt suggest it
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  • puppydawg93 answered 7 years ago
    please dont get one they deserve to be in their natural habitat get a ferret their just as friendly and dont through s****
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  • What about Capuchin Monkeys?
    My Family and i are wanting to add a capuchin monkey to the family soon. i've researched and it's hard to find supportive caresheets on the matter. They are legal in my state and county without a permit i've checked already. I would like to know peoples first hand experiences with Capuchins and any good Caresheets on information you would like to give me.
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