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Is it legal to burn the Confederate Flag?

I found one not too long ago. Instead of tossing it in the garage as something I might sell on Ebay or throwing it out, I figure it would best be burned. What do you think?

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    The Confederate flag has no official standing, it is just a piece of cloth. Burn away.

    Speaking as a life long southerner whose family first settled in North Carolina in the 1750's I can tell you, I used to be proud of the stars and bars. That was until I learned that the flag was reintroduced to southern state flags in the 1940's as a protest to integration and minority rights.

    Now that dreadful arrangement of cloth fills me with nothing but shame and disgust. It no longer represents heritage or history but hatred.

    The confederate flag should be given no more respect than a swastika flag.

    Burn it.

  • DAR
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    It is legal to burn any flag - both as political speech and as a more respectful way of retiring it than throwing it into the garbage with the coffee grounds.

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    helpful. it is not an emblem of our u . s . a ., so burning the accomplice flag is effective. or perhaps putting fire to our very own American flag has been deemed to be loose speech at factors in our u . s . a .'s background, besides the undeniable fact that it by no ability has been the act of somebody who's patriotic and proud to be American.

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    If it's legal to burn the American flag, it's legal to burn any flag in existence in the known universe.

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  • BruceN
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    Burning is the only respectful method of destroying an old flag.

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    You can burn it if you like. No one will stop you. You can even burn a US flag. Its legal to do that. Provided you are doing it to express a point of view.

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    You can burn any flag you want to, just be careful who sees you because not everyone is tolerant of it.

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    Well, sonny, playing with fire is kindof dangerous. Take it to the American Legion and let them deal with it.

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    Why don't ya'all come on down to Atlanta and burn yo-self 1 or 2?

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