Why the Lashing Out Against Community Organizers?

Since when did community organizers become unimportant?

Jesus Christ, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, William Lloyd Garrison, Lord Baden Powell, Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony, Juliette Gordon Low, William Booth, Martin Luther King Jr, Sir George Williams, Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Mother Teresa, Gloria Steinem, Paul Wellstone, and Margaret Sanger were all community organizers.

Uniting people to accomplish certain tasks is a good quality for a president to have.

Was there any other meaning behind Palin's disparaging remarks or were they simply intended to demean a candidate for having valid experiences?


I would like to see the quote of Barack putting down mayors and the context in which it was given--including the setting, the audience, and the date.

Update 2:

His Divine Shadow:

I never suggested that all these people amounted to were community organizers, and the fact that you are trying to guilt me into submission only proves the depth of your ignorance.

Every one of them had to start out small, just like Barack Obama. They all faced great challenges. For you to make it appear like they had everything completed from the very beginning is undermining all of the hardships they went through to get there.

Sorry. You lose.

Update 3:

I watched Sarah Palin's speech the entire duration and heard *everything* she had to say.

Update 4:

Most college professors I know are more informed than you. You didn't even back up your argument. You make my head hurt.

Update 5:


I clearly state above that I never said all these people amounted to were community organizers. That would be dumb logic, considering community organizer is not the only thing Barack Obama has amounted to.

I'm trying to demonstrate that even great leaders can start out small. Trying to arouse sympathies and guilt is a logical fallacy, and your arguments are completely invalid.

Update 6:

Yes, I know, me8md.

Imagine someone in a crime-riddled city trying to get guns banned so that people wouldn't be gunned down every five minutes!

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    how many beauty pageant contestants are on your list of great people

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    It was a response to Obama and his people saying she had no experience. He often talks about how he was a Community Organizer to try to impress people, because it not only makes him sound like he is close to the common man, but it also adds to his experience, since he does not have much in major public office.

    Problem is, to most people, "community organizer" does not sound very impressive. When Obama's people started saying that Palin was not qualified because she had only been a Mayor of a small town and a Governor of a small state, she shot back with her comment in the speach.

    I'm sure community organizers are very important, but to most people, it sounds pretty lame compared to being a Mayor or Governor of anything. So she was just taking advantage of that.

    I always wondered why he mentions being a community organizer so much -- he must think it sounds more impressive than it does.

  • 1 decade ago

    Community organizers are a dime a dozen.

    It depends on WHAT the organizer organized the community for. Barack Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, which financed pro-gun-ban efforts.

  • lisilu
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    1 decade ago

    It is important! However since Obama has done it the Republicans have to diminish it and be demeaning. Obama unites people and they feel threatened by him. Sarah Palin does not have as much experience as Obama or Biden, plain and simple. If McCain were elected and died during office then we would have someone totally unqualified leading our country. If the Democratic V.P. nominee had the same qualifications as Palin the Republicans would be all over it ripping it apart.

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    1 decade ago

    I really do believe that you are a little over board if you are trying to insinuate that those listed in your question were nothing more than Community Organizers.

    Almost every person you listed accomplished things for the good of everyone or at least did not exclude people due to race like the Community organizer you are referencing.

    And no there is no valid experience qualifying him to be president, but there certainly are a lot of experiences in his life that should disqualify him.

    You may never have suggested those listed were Community Organizers but you DID insinuate it, read your own question!

  • 1 decade ago

    There is nothing wrong with being a community organizer. But just what is in that job description? I, myself, have been an organizer in my community for causes I believe in, but it certainly does not give me any REAL and VALID experiences that make me a viable candidate to run this country. He has a grand total of 143 days of actual political experience. Not near enough in my book.

    Palin only said what she did because Mr. Obama belittled and scoffed at her political experience first. But doesn't it make more sense that she has at least tun a city and a state gives her a lot more political experience than his 143 days as a senator? Also , fyi, he did not vote on 130 different bills before congress-- he couldn't make up his mind. So what leadership quality is that?

  • 1 decade ago

    Republicans are attacking you with unfounded information because they have no leg to stand on. As always, they try to play the moral police and make it look like you are undercutting many famous historical figures when in reality you're showing that they accomplished great things even after starting out in a humble position.

    I completely agree with you, and those who have disagreed have made no valid assertions for their position.

    Just ignore the stupidity that comes from them. They take pride in their ignorance.

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    1 decade ago

    Jesus Christ- Son of God, Religious leader

    George Washington- Military leader and First President

    Ben Franklin- Diplomat

    I could go on but it is fair to say none of them claimed that as a Community Organizer they are qualified to be Vice President they proved it other ways. Of those on your list only one was elected to President of the USA and he had military experience and Obama doesn't. Let it go.

  • 1 decade ago

    I see that you did not hear her speech, just the part that was taken out of context, Obama had challenge her experience as the mayor of a small town.

    and what did being the mayor of a small town have to do with experience.

    her response to that was that being the mayor of a small town, was much like being a community organizer, except with responsibility.

    This was an answer to Obama's attempt to demean her valid experience.

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  • 4 years ago

    the DNC "Communications Director" expresses himself as though he keeps a framed poster of Chairman Mao in his place of work. After watching photos of those "unruly mobs," I now comprehend that i actually became into in risky proximity to different such "perfect wing extremists" interior the ok&W buffet line. Come to think of of it, a number of those communities have been in all probability bussed in as nicely.

  • 1 decade ago

    You are so right and the point about Jesus says it all.

    Jesus was a community organizer and look why type of leader he was and how he was followed (Wasn't Barack a community organizer?)

    Pilate was a governor and look at how he was as a leader (Isn't Sarah Palin a governor?)

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