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How old was Jack (Leo DiCaprio) supposed to be in "Titanic"?

Rose was 17, although she really didn't look it.

How old was Jack supposed to be? Like 19 or something like that?

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    In the movie Titanic 'Jack' was 20 years old. Leonardo Dicaprio was 23 when the movie was released.

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    In the commentary James Cameron said that he was supposed to be 19, but I personally think it would have been cooler if Jack was younger, I don't know why.

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    In "Titanic" Jack was 20 years old.

    Source(s): seen the movie more than once
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    I'm pretty sure he was 19. Although, I always thought Rose was the older So I always found it funny that he ordered her around a lot when the ship was sinking..

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    i thought he was about 19.

    he couldn't have been that old.

    haha yeah rose was really 21 when she filmed the movie, so yeah that's why

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