People who deny Global Warming?

There are many GW deniers here and everywhere, say it is not real right now. I don't understand why that thought should stop us from trying to be green anyway? Even if it isn't real (which it is, we have gotten hotter climates over the years and our ozone layer is deteriorating), wouldn't it be better to prevent it from happening by living green then just ignoring the fact and doing nothing.

Interesting how many deniers always link GW to god and how the end is near so it won't matter. Please...


" Ask yourself this. If warming is so bad, why are people flocking to California and Florida"

Um, maybe because the weather is nice there, but if it destroys our planet in 100 years, lets see who will be flocking.

And to the person who said "we'll live green if we want to it's a free country," what are you five? grow up.

Half of you are idiots. Keep denying that our planet is getting worse. I'm sure you will be thanked on day.

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    I am an environmental engineer and have worked on behalf of the Environment Agency, the RSPB, English Heritage and many other environmental groups, I work with developers to reduce their impact on the environment. I have my own piece of land set aside as a nature reserve, I live on a large section and grow my own veggies, planted lots of trees around my section, work with the community to restore wetlands etc... I ride my bike or run to work when I can so you could call me somone who does his bit for the environment, however, when it comes to AGW I am a skeptic. I need proof before I worry about!

    Co2 is not a pollutant and shouldnt be treated as such, it is of benefit to the environment. Instead of spending trillions trying to reduce a small fraction of co2 that will probably do litte and even potentially worsen a natural effect I think we should spend the money on cleaning up our rivers, improving farming practice, develop clean burning fuels, cheaper more effective solar panels for the third world etc...

    And does anyone criticise the natural rotting of leaves or the sea for contributing 97% of atmospheric co2? No. What about the rise in greenhouse gasses not linked to humans? No they are ok to, just co2 is bad (0.054% of the greenhouse effect). Seems man made co2 is being targetted for a reason, whilst other greenhouse gasses are ignored, this is born from the IPCC's mission to prove a link between man made co2 and global warming.

    I dont deny it could cause warming due to radiative forcing, but man made co2 is such a small part of the earths systems it lost within natural variability. Its like ignorning the engine or the electrics when your car breaks down and instead checking one of the wheel nuts on the rear right side wheel as Proffessor Tim Ball put it.

    Where is the ozone layer depleting? The hole over the antarctic has almost completely healed since we cut back our use of CFC's (a good example of when a real problem exists we act quickly and concisivly to fix it), I am not aware of any new ones? This isnt linked to AGW either way.

  • pat j
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    Groves, good answer. I'm campaigning against man made global warming because my research has shown me that it's happening naturally. If all the other planets in our solar system are warming up at the same rate then what are all these global warming advocates bashing their gums about. Social engineering is a dangerous game to play. Lies told long enough become fact. Global warming advocates are idiots and I say that because they haven't done their homework. When I read that physicists are to stay out of the climate change debate that's when I smelt a rat. When you ignore physical nature of certain gases and continue to preach the opposite then you are an idiot. CFCs could not effect the ozone layer as they are 5 times heavier than air but we were and are still being told they destroy ozone. The hole in the ozone in Antarctica is caused by chlorine spewing from the volcano on Mt Erebus. CO2 is not a pollutant. It's essential to plant life. Methane isn't a pollutant. Methane and electrical storms produce ozone.

    Global Warming by human activity is a scam and we are going to be screwed by the persist crap being said that it is.

    I agree that to do things in a more efficient way is more cost effective in the long term.

    I deny global warming and the end is far from near and god has nothing what so ever to do with it.

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    It seems to me that these people only think this way because they take other people's word for it. There have been WAY more scientific studies which STRONGLY suggest that we are affecting the climate on this planet than those against GW. Studies against the idea of global warming have been done by people PAID by oil companies.

    If you believe it or not, it still helps to keep the planet looking pretty so we have less landfills and clearer, smogless skies... right? So just keep this place in good shape so our kids can have a bright future.

  • JimZ
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    We haven't gotten hotter. We have gotten less cold. We have gotten warmer. We have longer growing seasons. Why are you so willing to abrigate your thought process to others? Why do you so willingly give up your logic and let other tell you that a warm day is necessarily bad. Why not go green? I go as green as I want. Only an idiot would waste energy. That seems to be a charge by children who don't pay for their own energy bills. I don't want people telling me that America is responsible for destroying the planet because we are prosperous. Why is it that you defend these people and this sort of nonsense? It is mind boggling. Ask yourself this. If warming is so bad, why are people flocking to California and Florida. After you answer this correctly perhaps you will lose some of that green around the gills.

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    Maybe our issue is the fact that the AGW loons use the unproven theory as an attempt to increase taxes and reduce freedoms. Why would anyone pay $1 to stop something we have no control over? Sane people would call this stupidity.

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    Its a free country if you want to live green that is up to you and if others don't that is up to them.

  • Anonymous
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    Wow I don't know where you came up with half that crap. (You must have stuck you hand way far up you ***). You cannot force change it has to happen naturally.


    You have forgotten the immediate costs of R&D and implementation. which would not be cheap. Think about if the technology were already there to make it cheaper wouldn't people be going after it.

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    Many of the deniers have been brainwashed by Big Oil into thinking that going green will bankrupt them. That's thoroughly preposterous. Using less energy costs less, not more. It's really that simple. You have to be really gullible to believe otherwise.

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    i think you should still go greeen cause you save money, and the world around you !

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