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Are there any free SPEs in the PS3's cell cpu?

PLEASE hear me:there's 7 SPEs and 1 PPU in the PS3's cell cpu,1 for the OS=6 SPEs=6 for games=0 SPEs and 1 PPU=1 PPU for the XMB=0 SPEs or PPU,then please tell me where's the free SPE or PPU?are there any free SPE or PPU in the PS3's cell cpu?

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    8 SPE

    -1 SPE to increase manufacturing yield (its a backup)

    -1 for PS3s XMB OS

    -6 for whatever the fudge game developers want to use it for


    Linux runs separately so it doesn't need to share the cells power (although I think Sony locked most of it out to prevent piracy).

    Seriously, you should stop worrying about this. Just play the games and be happy. If you want any more information you're probably going to have to do your own research.

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    there are 8 SPE and 7 functional and one is dormant and there is only one PPE which is separate that's about it other than that you got everything else the dormant SPE is just in case one fails

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    Oh great, sammy's back again...

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