How do Hurricanes get their names?

like katrina and gustav

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    The World Meteorological Organization determines this.

    They use one of six pre-named lists. The lists are rotated every year. So every six year we get the SAME hurricane names.

    The only time a name is "retired" is when the hurricane doe a LOT of damage or death, like "Katrina". They will NEVER use the name "Katrina" again.

  • For hurricanes it's by alphabetical order, but it doesn't do Q, U, X, Y, and Z. If in one season all the names get used, they start with "Alfa" "Bravo" "Charlie" and so on with the NATO phonetic alphabet. That has only happened once, though, in 2005.

    Every year there is a different list the storms are named after. They switch boys and girls names every year. Like if one year D is Dolly, then the next it would be a boys name like Damon.

    They use the same list as six years before the current year unless a name on the list has been retired.

    When a name is retired, it is never used again for hurricanes. They usually retire if they cause excessive amounts of damage or if they are very deadly.

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    The World Meteorological Organization has a six lists of names that are reused every six years. When a particularly nasty hurricane - like Katrina - happens, the name gets retired and they pick a replacement.

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    I believe that the first hurricane of the season is given a name that starts with the letter A so hurricane Andrew is an example

    The second is given a name with letter B so Hurricane Belinda and so on

    Who picks the Actual name I do not know but would guess its the guys n gals at the hurricane tracking centre

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    The World Meteorological Organization has a six lists of names that are reused every six years. They rotate girl boy girl boy in alphebetical order. But where europe is they do boy girl boy girl, instead of girl boy, so they wont get conufsed. So hanna right now is actually a boy name , ike is a girl name, and josephine is a boy name, to them..... but thats how they get there names!

    I no its kinda stupid and pointless... but it makes it kinda fun to name them.... i wish i could name one of the hurricanes one day and everyone would be calling it that!

    Hope this helps!!!

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    The World Meterological Organization comes up with them. They're named after people. They do boy girl boy girl.

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    This link has all the names used all over the world, as well as explanations:

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    the ppl in the hurricane center come up with it

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