What happened to Zorn and his Redskins 'wide open passing attack'?

Since when is calling three draws and a punt over and over again a wide open passing attack???

I couldnt believe my eyes with what I saw last night...draw, draw, draw, draw...Hell at one point there was only five minutes left in the first half and Campbell had only attempted 4 passes, and was 0/4 at that!

Skins fans what gives???

What happened to all of Zorn's talk of a new explosive offence???


Surfer I live here in DC, just not a Skins fan. But because I live here I am constantly hearing about their all new passing attack game plan. And youre wrong, its not a west coast offense at all, not by any stretch of the imagination.

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    Dude, Jim Zorn doesn't run a wide open passing attack. He runs the West Coast Offense. And if you don't know a thing about it, it's arguably the hardest offensive system to learn.

    Let's face it, when you're trying to install that system, and you have to go up against an aggressive defense that Steve Spagnolo runs, you wouldn't have much confidence in it either.

    I give it until midseason before we see what this offense will resemble in the coming years, because it is going to take some time before the offense is fully installed and everyone understands it.

    Edit: Oh, so you're telling me that Jim Zorn, a disciple of Mike Holmgren, who coached the quarterbacks in Seattle and knows everything about the West Coast Offense, all of a sudden just came up with some brand new passing scheme? Dude, get your facts straight. That's what everyone has been saying: the players, coaches, commentators etc. It is the West Coast Offense.

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    It sounds to me like the Coach/Offensive coordinator has a system he's trying to mold the team into and honestly you can't do that. The players will play according to their strengths and it's the system that has to change for the players. From what I saw the only score was when Campbell did what he wanted to. When he hit Randell El he held the ball and waited for the receiver to get open. That is not what Zorn said he wanted. On the TD pass to Moss he took a 9 step drop! That is not what Zorn has said he wanted. I don't think Campbel is the QB for Zorn's system. To get rid of Campbel would be a PR nightmere, therefore Zorn has to make due with what he has and let the players dictate the system.

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    You never underestimate your oppenets. Zorn's talk of the new open pass was too much talk and preparation for the opponents.

    explousre offence was just that. ALL TALK AND NOT CARRY THROUGH OR ACTION.

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    Zorn forgot that his quarterback was Jason Campbell.

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    Jason Cambell happenned

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    The only thing "wide open" about that offense last night is the criticism to follow.

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    I think you misunderstood. What Zorn meant was that his offense would bomb, and it did.

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    I don't even want to talk about it. How about the 4 ints we missed too

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    1st year coach that has never called a play in his life and it showed.

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