What is "MAREA FROM HEAVEN" and its implication to the next President of the Philippines ?

"MAREA FROM HEAVEN" stands for the sequence of succession in the Philippine Presidency.

MAREA means Marcos,Aquino,Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo

FROM means Fernando, Roxas, maybe Osmena, maybe Magsaysay

HEAVEN - too far ahead to forecast.

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    Today, there are several "Philippine Presidentaibles". To name them, they are Sen. Dick Gordon, Sen. Loren Legarda, Sen. Chiz Escudero, Sec. Bayani Fernando, Mayor Jojo Binay, Vice President Noli de Castro, Sen. Manny Villar, Sen. Ping Lason and Sen. Mar Roxas.

    But reality wise, there are only four leading contenders - based on party affiliation, drive to win, and logistics. The four leading contenders are :

    Sec. Bayani Fernando - a pro - poor former city Mayor, former DPWH secretary, founding member and NCR chairman of Lakas - CMD, a successful businessman married to a daughter of industrialist Meneleo Carlos, and now MMDA Chairman.

    Sen. Mar Roxas - a former DTI Secretary and Congressman from Capiz, leader of a Liberal Party faction, has some personal business, a traditional politician identified with the elites of the country.

    Sen. Manny Villar - a former congressman of Las Pinas, leader of the newly - revived Nacionalista Party, a succesfull businessman. In the same mold of Ramon Mitra and Joe de Venecia - powerful wheeler dealer and can sacrifice principles for convenience.Darling of the UP Atheist community

    VP Noli de Castro - a former Senator, no known business, his second wife is a Muslim, no stand on lots of issues, no political party, the main man of MERALCO owners Lopez family, known for demolishing thousands of squatters beside the railroad tracks.

    Who is the next president of the Philippines in 2010? Is there a sign?

    It used to be "MARVEL" is the legendary sequence of the Philppine presidency, but only MAR happend..the VEL did not happened. However, with the participation of MAMA MARY in the EDSA Revolution, the mesage is becoming clearer: that ordinary housewife (Cory Aquino),a lowly paid soldier (Fidel Ramos) and college drop out (Joseph Estrada) can win over well organized and well moneyed candidates like President Ferdinand Marcos, Speaker Ramon Mitra, Ambassador Danding Cojuangco, Speaker Joe de Venecia, and presently Manny Villar - if Mary from Heaven wants you to win.

    Divine intervention is manifested through "MAREA FROM HEAVEN", the sequence of succession of the Philippine Presidency.

    M - Marcos

    A - Aquino

    R - Ramos

    E - Estrada

    A - Arroyo

    F - Fernando

    R - Roxas

    O - Osmena

    M - Magsaysay or Marcos

    H-E-A-V-E-N - will only become clearer after the letter M would have been elected.

    There is a version which say that the message is really " MAREA FROM GOD' , while an atheist group from UP is campaigning for:

    "MAREA DEVIL" - which is a team up of Noli DEcastro and Manny VILLAR in 2010.

    "MAREA DEVIL" team is being brokered by Joe de Venecia without the clearance of Lakas - CMD founder former presidend Fidel Ramos, who is inclined to support a true Lakas aspirant. This leads to the speculation that Joe de Venecia is actually leaving Lakas - CMD, the party which rejected him from the party presidency, and he will probably join the NP of Manny Villar, together with other Lakas disloyal members.

    MAREA FROM HEAVEN is important to the Philippine presidency because it shows that Filipinos are not owed by money,machinery,power and education - but by destiny.

    The next president of the Philippines is a pro - poor former Mayor of Marikina City Bayani Fernando, who spent his life cleaning the river, declogging the drainage, providing homes to 11,000 squatters, providing water, electricity and homes to squatter communities through his Metro Guapo projects,apprehended colorum buses of the Generals to help ordinary jeepney drivers, a former sacristan who sings to raise funds for the church, providing cheap hostel to the provincianos who are in Metro Manila, building tall commercial buildings in Makati as his business.

    Bayani Fernando has the will to serve, funds for the campaign and a party machinery to run his campaign - plus a destiny written in "MAREA FROM HEAVEN".

    "MAREA FROM HEAVEN" says Bayani Fernando is the next President after Gloria Arroyo.

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    In a highly religious country like the Philippines, people believes that their destiny is really written by God. One evidence is that when their former president Ferdinand Marcos committed abuses, they are supposed have been led by Mama Mary in EDSA.

    Then, MAMA MARY made sure that Her presence is felt by making sure that that presidents after Marcos - their surnames - will form the name: "MAREA FROM HEAVEN".

    This is really a very religious mystery worthy to be studied by the Vatican and the religious freaks all over the world.

    They also have the name of the next President of the country two years away from the election, it starts with F.

    So lucky and nice people down there.Philipines is in the Pacific.

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    "MAREA FROM HEAVEN" is a more accurate way of predicting the future presidents of the Philippine republic than the previously know "MARVEL".

    It is so accurate that it can predic the next Philippine president.

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