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Journal of Business Ethics最新投稿格式

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    Journal of Business Ethics最新投稿格式在下列網頁。



    此網頁右側有三個連結如下,第一個與第二個相同,(只是第一個是 pdf 檔),都是說明最新投稿格式,請點擊閱讀。

    Instructions for authors (pdf, 266 Kb) 【作者須知 pdf 檔】

    Instructions for Authors【作者須知】

    OpenChoice 【論文公開付費閱覽】








    抄一小段【作者須知 pdf 檔】如下:

    Teaching Business Ethics prefers the submission of papers in LaTeX; however, papers submitted in AMSTeX, LAMSTeX, and software programmes such as WordPerfect, Apple Macintosh, Word for Windows, etc. can also be accepted. For the purpose of refereeing, papers for publication should initially be submitted in hard copy (4−fold) to:

    The Journals Editorial Office

    Teaching Business Ethics


    P.O. Box 990

    3300 AZ Dordrecht

    The Netherlands

    Manuscripts should be typewritten on A4 or US Letter bond paper, one side only, leaving enough margin on all sides to permit remarks by the reviewers. Please double−space all materials, including footnotes, endnotes, and references.

    . . . .


    Springer request electronic submission of figures . . . .

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