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What is this contraption called?

A while ago my friend had one of these at her house (i haven't seen her in years though). We each had our own little burners and mini-stir fry woks and spatula's. We just grabbed ingrediants off the table and made our own food righ in front of our plate. it was awesome and fun but I don't know what it's called or where to find it. I want to add it to my wedding registry.



not fondue pots but thank you

ya they were kind of like bunson burners but they came in this huge set there were like 8 of them AND the mini stiry fry pans AND a bunch of bowls for ingrediants, and an oil bottle(I think) and some mini-spatula's. Like it was all a set. Not just the burners.

Update 2:

YES! it's like what Ginger had but smaller and all 8 came in one kit. like the sitry fry pan was only about 15cm across. like they were very small. very single serving. lol. alright I'll keep looking.

Update 3:

we're getting closer to it. Big hitter, that is what it was just each burner was seperate. but that would work perfectly fine. thanks. now I have a picture I can bring with me when I look for places to register. lol.

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    Table top burners. You can get them in Asian markets, along with the gas to run them. You can put a grill pan on them and your food will taste a little charbroiled.

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    The burners were probably Sterno, but I've never actually heard of a mini stir fry kit. It sounds great, and it wouldn't be too hard to assemble all the parts. This is the only mini-wok I found, though.

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    Just kind of taking up space here, as I have no clue, sorry but email me if you find it. That sounds super sweet! And my fiance and I and our friends all love stir fry...

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    The Chinese restaurant I went to 25 years ago when I was a kid called the pu-pu platters. Which was funny when I was 8,

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    Are you talking about hot plates or bunson burners?

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    Is it a Fondue pot?

    You can make cheese fondue for dipping your ingredients or you can put cooking oil and fry your foods or put broth for steaming your ingredients.

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    Not sure if this is it, but it's the closest thing I could find:

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    is this anything like what you're looking for?

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