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Which side would the dolphins make their touchdown on?

My boss has me buying tickets for his friend for the miami dolphins and az cardinals game. His friend is a Miami dolphins fan and the tickets in our price range are lower level corner tickets. I want to get him tickets on the side that the dolphins make their touchdowns on, but I don't know what side that is. <- here is a pic of the seating chart, would the dolphins make their touchdowns on the bottom or top?

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    At the start of each NFL game, a coin flip is used to determine which team gets the privilege of choosing whether or not to receive the ball first. Once that team chooses, the other team then gets a chance to choose which area of the field it wants to defend.

    So, in other words, there's no way to know in advance.

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    You should be fine either way because the teams switch field directions after each quarter...

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    It doesn't matter, the teams rotate endzones after each quarter.


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