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Will USPS deliver a large package to a PO BOX?

I'm shipping a laptop from US to Canada.

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    Yes they will. They place this piece of paper in your box to alert you to a item that is too big for your box or needs a signature. You take it up to where you pay for shipping and tell them your box #. It is real easy and fast.

    Edit to add only difference is the fees for receiving a item to Canada.

    Source(s): I have a PO BOX for the last 10 years.
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    Large Package Delivery

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    you might want to contact your post office and let them know this information. If you don't get delivery at your house they might think your house is vacant and won't deliver it. Not everyone will go the extra mile

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    don't know that they will deliver to any po box

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    I don't believe so. Plus something like that you should have signed for at the delivery.

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    they will leave you a pick-up slip at your p.o. then you'll pick it up at the office

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