I need a guys and girls opinion, I dont get it?

short summary:

my bf works two hours away, we live together (but thats about to change because of him moving closer to his job)

hes only home on the weekends now which will be the pattern from now until I graduate college.

We recently talked about feelings and our relationship and like all relationships things have changed. we agreed to try and do some of the things we used to to lighten things up

for instance:

we used to sent cute messages/texts or call every night

now I have been doing that this past week and well he hasnt. the most i got out of him was night baby (cute wise) i feel like an idiot when im texting i miss you or emailing him cute things and i get nothing in return. it used to be a two way relationship and lately it feels like its just me.

i like to hear what he feels about me sometimes and that doesnt happen unless I ask him and then that turns into a fight about how he shouldnt have to tell me I should already know. Well I'd like to hear it everynow and then. He used to say I love you and miss you all the time but its like our relationship has worked backwards.

Guys- what do you think the deal is? etc.

Girls - has this ever happened to you? should i just stop?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've been in a similar situation when I was in college and it didnt work out in the long run. Personally I think you are giving him more attention than he deserves and he's taking it for granted. It seems like the minute a woman walks away is when the guy wants her back. We all need to work a little bit for some TLC and if he's not earning it, dont just give it away for free. I say keep one foot in the door, but maybe take a step back and keep one foot out the door too. You dont want to limit yourself to a guy that's not willing to work for your affections when there just might be someone else out there who would adore you. Distance yourself a little bit and cut back on the lovins and see what he does. If it's nothing at all... you know where you stand.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    to me it sounds like he's starting to pull away. i can understand that he's want to move closer to his job, but that could have been a first step. then he doesn't respond to anything you send him and everything's not the same. hmmmm...

    i think you ought to confront him about it. be completely honest with him and if he's iffy about it, or he's making excuses, be the first one to put the relationship on hold. always have the upper hand. lessons learned! otherwise you're going to end up feeling dumped, instead of relieved and on tp of things.

    good luck!

  • cuffee
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    3 years ago

    They do. yet they could not. Many, many statistics tutor that whether a dating develops and lasts 10 years+, whilst the lady made the 1st "pass" (sexual or not), the dating will fail. in case you could not be the male and make the 1st pass (ask her out), then you definitely are searching for for a "mom", not a companion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He could be seeing somebody else...That's How I acted When I cheated..well fight it out if the love is real. Its worth fighting for.

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  • D-MAN
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    1 decade ago

    unfortunatly i think he's looking past this relationship...he knows he's moving and eventually losing interest in the relatiionship..you should try to talk it out cuz its only gonna get worse after he moves

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well maybe hes moved on sorry just maybe he moved on and found a new girl

  • Dump his ***!

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