s banking umbilical cord blood old news or the way of the future?

With its use in stem cell research, will banking cord blood be a new craze or maybe even a necessity? And if it is up & coming, then will insurance companies or health care providers cover the cost of it? I'd love to hear from some professionals thanx...

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    Cord blood is best used by donating it as opposed to storing it for yourself. There is no cost involved if you donate it and you could save someone's life. May daughter was saved by a single unit of cord blood (see my 'source' for our Thank You Letter to our donor).

    Saving it is only if you want to store it for your own possible future use (which is not worth the money or trouble). It is like buying an expensive lottery ticket. The chances that you could ever use it are so small. In fact, there is a good chance that the child you have will not be able to use it even if they do become ill because often the 'defect' in their blood or DNA that caused the illness is in the cord blood too.

    Even the American Academy of Pediatrics warns agains storing cord blood.


    Info on donating:


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    Heres my opinion...

    Its a HUGE waste of money, with todays technology chances of your ever needing to use it would be slim!

    Save your money

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