The Giver by Lois Lowry writing assingment?

i have an english assignment that is due tomorrow, and i was wondering if someone would be willing to review my paper? I am in AP Freshman English, and my teacher said she was looking for writing quality, and not necessarily right or wrong. The topic was:

choose one character from a novel and explain how that character changed from the beginning to the end of the novel.

here it is!

The main character of the novel The Giver, by Lois Lowry, Jonas, at first seems to be a very simple character. He is an eleven-year-old boy; apprehensive about his upcoming assignment to the job he will perform in his community for the rest of his life. He is intelligent, yet naïve about the depth and complexity of the world. This is expected, for in Jonas’ society, all differences have been removed from the community: personal freedoms, colors, music, family sizes, etc. Rules against bragging, rudeness, and dishonesty are strictly enforced. These rules are abided by to keep peace and safety throughout the society. He is thoughtful, and wonders about many things, but does not have the knowledge to explore any deeper. He is also a rule-abiding child, because he knows nothing but what he has been taught.

Jonas begins to change early on in the novel, but not completely. He begins to notice color, in a world exempt of it. It is later learned that this is a special quality, which very few people in Jonas’ society possess. He begins the actual change when he is assigned the position of the Giver, the person who is in charge of keeping all the memories of the community. He is given a new set of rules to follow, including ones that go strictly against what he had been previously taught, such as that he may now lie. The current Giver passes these memories along with the touch of his hand on Jonas’ skin. With the memories, Jonas experiences the excitement of sledding down a snowy hill, the scorch of heat in a parched desert, and the pain of war and destruction. The climax of the story, when Jonas makes a complete change, is when he is shown a recording of a Release earlier that morning. Before he is enlightened, Jonas, as most members of his community, believed that a Release was nothing but that, moving a person who was either too old, or someone who had caused trouble within the society, to Elsewhere. He learns that Release is actually a form of euthanasia, or ending one’s life to cease their suffering. He views this completely negatively, and decides, with the help of the Giver, that he must escape from the community, and travel to Elsewhere, with the a baby, Gabriel, who is to be Released because he is not maturing at a fast enough rate. Leaving the community means that all the memories that his mind is filled with will be dispersed throughout the people, giving them an insight into how the world used to be.

When he arrives at Elsewhere, it is clear how he has become a different person throughout the book. He is enlightened with the memories of his world in the past, full of knowledge and a maturity that most adults in his community would never be able to reach. Though, on the other hand, he remained apprehensive, not about his assignment, but what lay ahead of him, in Elsewhere.

thank you so much! if you have any suggestions about how i could keep the quality, but make it a bit shorter, that would help, too. Thanks again!!


sorry for any confusion, i am a freshman in high school.

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    to me it seems as if you're just summarizing.

    I guess since it says 'explain' that's okay but I remember when I was in AP english (im a freshman in college) summarizing was a big don't.

    I was always told to analyze.

    Your teacher knows the story and he/she having to re-read the same summary will probably be very boring.

    Try to spice it up a bit.

    Maybe take some of Jonas's qualities and try to prove how they changed instead of just summarizing the book.

    Main characters are also something to stay away from.

    although they're easy, everyone will be writing about them.

    Edit:Obviously, college doesn't have AP. I was letting you know I took Ap english recently as I just graduated. Although I didn't know there was AP freshman english. I thought it was just AP lang and lit which are mostly geared towards juniors and seniors. (AP is a national thing so I would assume it would be the same.)

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