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Some questions about leukemia?

I'm writing a story where the main character finds out that he has leukemia and eventually dies, and I wanted to know some things. So, first of all, what kind of leukemia would a man of about 20 develop, which would be fatal? Second, what kind of medical test would be taken to be diagnosed with leukemia, and how long would it take to get the results back? From what I understand, it usually is just a trip to the doctor's? But, I really am not sure. Thank you very much!

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    first of all, i'm sorry if i sound too rude, i'm not in a good mood today!

    2nd: google it, easier to ask it hear!


    4th: search in pubmed, see which cases died! use them in ur book

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    Leukemia is confirmed by using a bone marrow biopsy that only takes local anesthetic for most and the results are returned the same day if the procedure is done at a large enough facility. The types that are potentially fatal happen to be numerous, aute myelogenous , acute lymphocytic, etc. However if diagnosed early enough and remission is achieved the possibility of bone marrow transplant either from a family member or unrelated donor offers the possibility of a cure. So therefore the 'theory' that leukemia is FATAL in all cases is no longer true! I know this because I am a survivor of biphenotypic leukemia , (aml & all) since 1990. I had an unrelated bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor in 1990 which cured the leukemia. I will celebrate my 18th year cancer free in less then 2 wks. The chances of surviving that transplant at that time were less then 6 percent. There are also chronic leukemias with which one may live many years. Good luck with your research and your story. God bless!

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    Leukemia can be contracted at any age from birth to death. I have worked around leukemia patients, and we saw them all ages.

    Leukemia is fatel regardless. Leukemia is a bone cancer though...

    blood test are taken, maybe a bone graph to see how far the leukemia has progressed. Usually results are back within 2 weeks.

    Some doctors know the signs and can tell well before the blood test come back.

    The only way to survive Leukemia is a bone marrow transplant by a matching doner. then radiation and chemo usually before the transplant... After the transplant, they are put into isolation where NOTHING... no flowers, fresh fruits that have not been sterilized, toys, etc can enter the room.. He would go bald fromt he chemo and radiation.

    The sad part is that sometimes this extends their lives up to 50 years. Others, live only a few years. it all depends on how well the transplant takes, and how they treat themselves after they leave the hospital. the average hospital stay after a transplant is up to three months. Depending on how the patient reacts to the treatment. But then there are some cases when the patient although having the transplant, has died in a few weeks after. Mainly because they were too far progressed before the transplant.

    Bad example of a televison protrayal of leukemia.

    A bad example of writing in Leukemia was on Guiding Light when Lizzy had leukemia about 7 years ago on the show. They allowed fresh flowers, stuffed animals, candy, etc in the room. the parents went in in street clothes, as did the doctors, and she was released from the hospital in a matter of days.

    After seeing this, i wrote the editor about it. So the next time they needed to do this scene which was with Reva about 2 yr ago, they did it properly.

    You can read up on leukemia on Webmd

    You can also google it and read up on it.

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    There are several types of leukemia that a 20 yr old might end up with, so you will have to pick some particular type to come up with specific tests and timeframes. There's tons of info at this site

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