Why do so many legal citizens of USA fail to see how to correct the problems with money/business and govt?

When it is this simple if you let individuals or a small group have absolute rule & control over the legal citizen majority, guess who is going to come up short/fleeced/victimized?

Proper correction is legally give ultimate rule and control over money/business/govt to the legal citizen majority and replace representative govt with well managed fire at will employee's.

In order to secure your families financial security and your fellow legal citizens we must share this responsibility.


I have not heard Obama say he intends to end "Rep Govt" and don't believe he will.

When did he say this or where is it in writing?

Update 2:

He MIGHT be the lesser of two evil choices seeing how he has come closer to showing an understanding of over 45 million Americans living in poverty.

Yet not stating all Immigration must end indefinitely because of our nations financial insecurity to many legal Americans left out etc.

Update 3:

jesswzm you are NOT aware of the facts and truth about all forms of immigration NOT just illegal immigration.Please take a few minutes to veiw this.


Update 4:

Perhaps you have been influenced by CNN or other forms of media with their fascist spin on the truth!

Remember reported statistics on unemployed are completely/intentionally low-balled by our govt. also the effects of ALL immigration play a factor in the problems millions of several generational Americans face living in poverty.

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    I see where you are coming from.

    But the illegal immigration thing is really a big business conspiracy that has had the participation of both GOP and democrats over the years. They believe that cheap labor is good.

    If you listen to Obama speaking he is always says two things about this 1) that we must not mistreat illegals or become like nazis hunting parents down and jailing them while their kids starve...just for wanting to work and have a decent life. I tend to believe that we need harsh measures like raids and deportation, and the blocking of social benefits..as well as strong border patrols, but its gonna be hard to get politicians to do those very real solutions...because they dont want to turn off large segments of the voting block or give the appearance that we are turning into nazi germany.

    2) OBama, however, always says this, that we must not allow employers to profit from abusing illegals because they are in the shadows and have no rights and that we must work to solve the problem. This gives me hope that he understands that we must increase border patrols and that we must crack down on illegal employers. Unfortunately, I believe he will support some form of amnesty..which is the easy way out for most politicians. As bad as amnesty sounds, I will gladly accept it, if we actually put an end to the influx and devise ways to make sure this problem never happens again.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Actually voting is the only answer, along with term limits which is not likely to happen because we continue to vote in the same ego driven, career minded wall flowers. If we actually had the correct understanding of who is responsible for how our economy runs and the effect our representatives have on it, I suspect the majority of voters would vote everyone out, all 535 representatives that occupy a seat in Washington, replacing them with fresh new, untarnished, un-bribed, not beholding electorate, that would vote, work and offer ideas that are good for the United States instead of simply siding with their party and against the other. If we voted out all incumbents it wouldn't take long for the good old boy syndrome to end, and all members of the house and senate would start to show an interest in keeping their jobs for a longer period than 2 - 6 years. In my mind this is the only effective way for the people to speak. Some say; insanity is doing the same thing and expecting change. If that's true (sounds about right) we are insane to allow this government to continue working their legal magic with our dollars!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Exactly what Obama is saying. I agree 100%. McCain is only looking out for a few. Obama is looking out for all. Vote Obama in November for you and your children's future and don't settle for the status quo.

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