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What makes us human?

What makes us human? (If we had to explain to another life form ie. E.T)

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    We have been taxonomically assigned a species identifier that means nothing in the natural world. We are human because we say we are.

    However, I would say our unique identifiers are that 1.) we can read minds - we can understand what others know and don't know, we can interpret what they may be thinking and how they will respond; 2.) we have impulse control - we are less reactive and have more control over our emotions when the situation necessitates such; 3.) collaborative cooperation - we can focus on a task with another person (like building a tower of blocks (called 'The Triangle' in anthropology) and we know the other person if equally focused on the same task and we work in alternate cooperation.

    Things like self-awareness and culture are not unique to humans - in most ways, we are not unique at all - we just like to think we are. (Maybe that is our most notable identifier - we are the only species on the planet that thinks so disgustingly highly of itself - and at the detriment to others.)

    There is an old Native American story that says:

    Long ago the trees thought they were people.

    Long ago the mountains thought they were people.

    Long ago the animals thought they were people.

    Someday they will say, long ago the humans thought they were people

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    What makes human beings diverse is that we are in a position to understand our selves interior the mirror. We definitely have a sinse of previous present day and destiny. To be human is to comprehend good from incorrect and decide which to persist with.

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    I would say that what makes us human as opposed to all the plants and animals for example, is that we have the potential to love. It would not seem as if we understand that yet based on what we see in this world as hatred and selfishness, but it is the very reason for our existence. Nature is doing it's part to push us to this realization as well as our own individual self interest. Until someone finds a way to work towards this potential we all have, they will continue to advance in the right direction but they will continue with even more increased pushing. Here is a link to a video that explains this more. I hope it helps in answering your question. Best wishes.

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    We wear clothes and have 'riting, reading, and 'rithmatic!

    We explore space and plan for far future events (or possible ones).

    We collect all kinds of junk we make and live in structures

    made with metal, brick, wood, etc. .

    We go to school and become teachers, doctors, lawyers,

    politicians, etc.

    We have formal religious groups and ceremonies.

    All these distinguish us from animal and plant life.

    We are weird looking with no furr or feathers and walk

    on two feet - some are pale, some tan, some brown, etc.

    (red, brown, yellow, black, and white we're all precious

    in God's sight - Jesus loves the little children of the world!)

    this would be too long if I included wars, nations, resources, etc.

    and it's time for lunch!

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    Because we come from a human.

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    You mean after the months of extensive translation and study of body language before we could even communicate, in which time I'm sure they'd have figured it out for themselves.

    If they're smart enough to travel to our planet, they're smart enough to realise that it's the name of our species; they'd probably have done advance study before making contact anyway, and would probably know more about us than we do.

    Source(s): Bobo the magic talking leopard told me. He's from Antares.
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    carbon based, conscious, free willing bi peds

    i believe all creatures will have a DNA sequence so i dont think that would make us to different from any other earthly creatures or visitors from another place

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    The ability to disagree with each other - even on this!

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    the thing that separates from other animals is that we have a concept of self. We are self aware.

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    nothing makes us, we are what we are... they would call us what they decide to call us in their language, if they have any...

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