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Should I turn off my pool pump (at night) for frog and toad safety?

I am a HUGE animal lover... Frogs and Toads occasionally get into my pool at night. By turning off the pool pump am I giving them a better chance at surviving? Otherwise they end up in the skimmer basket with a smaller chance.


So far I have saved every frog/toad that I have found in the skimmer, even if they were near dead and basically floating. I don't think the chemicals are hurting them very much... the pump is doing more damage.

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    as long as you run your pump for the correct amount of time during daylight hours it will be ok !the longer the days and how often you use your pool determines how long you should run your pump with average use about 8 hrs a day ! i work on pool and spas almost everyday and hardly ever see frogs in skimmers unless the pool has been neglected.

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    My questions would actually point towards your chemicals first to find out the survival. While the pump would put them into the skimmer, they should be able to avoid being pulled in just by swimming away unless they are already weakened.

    If you believe it is just the strength of the pump, then a timer would help you (and save you time and upset if you forgot it). If it is your chemicals, then you might want to try a product with an activated copper base (like Pristine Blue) that is safe for them. It won't kill the aquatic life, but could cause sterilization while they are in it.

    Source(s): Pool store employee for long long time.
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    no i would not bother turning off the pump.the chemicals will get them before the pump will

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