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Who are your favorite "Playboy" Playmates of the 1950's and 1960's?

My friend's boyfriend has many issues of "Playboy" from the first one of December 1953. Here are his favorites of 1953-1959 and 1960-1969.

1950's Favorites:

1. Sandra Edwards, 3/57

2. Elizabeth Roberts, 1/58

3. Joyce Nizarri, 12/58

4. Marguerite Empey, 5/55 & 2/56

5. Mara Corday, 10/58 co-Playmate

1960's favorites:

1. Donna Michelle, 12/63 & 1964 PMoY

2. Patti Reynolds, 9/65

3. Christa Speck, 9/61

4. Sally Duberson, 1/65

5. Connie Mason, 6/63

6. Kaya Christian, 11/67

7. Paige Young, 11/68

8. Tonya Crews, 3/61

9. Nancy Harwood, 2/68

10. Kathy Douglas, 10/60

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    I think your friend made a good list here. In the 1950's, I might score Joyce Nizzari higher and add Ginger Young and Joni Mattis, the gal with an 18" waist that ties the record with Mickie Winters as smallest waist of the Playmates. In the 1960's, I add Chinese beauty China Lee, the first non-Caucasoid Playmate, and Gwen Wong, the 2nd Asian Playmate. Barbara Hillary was quite sexy and should be on the list. Carol Vitale is also sexy. I like Carol Imhof's looks too.

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    Elizabeth Roberts, Connie mason, Christa Speck

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    Dad had a bunch ot those magazines hidden in the garage. My brother and I found them. I like Sandra Edwards, because she has such a pretty name. Don't you agree? Any girl named Sandra has got to be gorgeous. I've heard that Marilyn Monroe was the first centerfold in this magazine. She's one of my favorites, because she looks so much like me. Change her name to Sandra, and she'd really be great. I believe Stella Stevens was a Playmate in 1960. Again, I like her, because she resembles me some...but not as much as Marilyn does. Marilyn, Stella and I are beautiful blonds. Jayne Mansfield and Connie Mason were too. I guess my favorites are Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield in the 1950's and Connie Mason and Stella Stevens in the 1960's.

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