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Hydrogen peroxide for acne ?? is it toxic?

My cosmetician gave me a mix of some alcohol with an antiseptic, it smells strong and stings when i apply it on pimples, but helps.

Is the mixture toxic or dangerous to breathe? it smells strong, but i hope it's just the smell ?

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    I'm a bit confused, because neither 'alcohol' nor 'antiseptic' is exactly the same as 'hydrogen peroxide.'

    It's normal to use a 'peroxide,' that is to say an 'oxygen donor' chemical, on acne vulgaris. This is because the oxygen donated by the 'peroxide,' oxidizes away excess skin oil and kills germs.

    The peroxide usually used for acne is called 'benzoyl peroxide,' and is contained in acne creams and gels like 'Panoxyl.'

    Hydrogen peroxide is like oxygen-enhanced water, and is usually used for bleaching hair by Hairdressers. It's not often used as a direct skin-wash on the face.

    Whatever you've got, you can test to see if it contains an oxidizing agent, by putting some on an old coloured piece of cloth, see if it bleaches it white.

    It's not toxic to breathe oxygen, no, but I wouldn't sniff hydrogen peroxide-water directly up your nose.

    I hope this is of some help.

    Best wishes,

    Belliger (retired uk gp)

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